Your Journey Awakens

heyAs of late, I am surrounded by consciously awakened individuals and the influence I feel from them is just so wonderful and so full of love. We are not alone in our journey to awaken. I am loving the tribe that is forming around me. I was inspired by Jen Rode post to awaken. It reminded my of a vision I had. I will share it with you.

After you’re done reading it, I encourage you to meditate and let spirit show you what you have need to know now.

I walked into my living room and immediately was transported into a vision.

I was standing in a forest, a dark dense ancient forest. The ancient forest floor was a fog-571786_640thick soft carpet. I proceeded forward searching with my hands, so as not to bump into a tree, as it was so dark, my eyes were useless. A tree reached its branches down, supported my weight slightly and moved me forward, when his reach became far extended, another tree took me and did the same. Forward and up, forward and up, forward and up I went until I was lifted above the tree tops. There I stood gazing at the sun. It was golden and bright. My eyes could see endlessly. I inhaled the light, the beauty & truth of what I saw and felt, the vibrations, the energy, the love I felt, the freedom, oh the freedom, it was all so delicious. Then as fast as I was transported into the vision, I was back into my room.

If this encouraged you, I invite you to like and share my post and if being a part of our Tribe intrigues you, I’d love to hear from you.


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