You Are Indescribable
Several years ago, I was describing my traumatic event to a friend and her response confused me at the time. But as I pondered it, it came to life for me and changed my position of thought. You try and describe yourself, as though you need a label, but the truth is that you are indescribable. When going through candle-1281245_640something, you feel differently, because you are under the influence of identity. So at the moment you believe “this is who I am”, “this what I am, cramped inside this body trying to find freedom”.
You’re always thinking. These thoughts appear to be your thoughts, as though they are copyrighted. But if you could pluck them out of your head and could see them, you wouldn’t want them back.
So what keeps you there?
The idea that this is “you”, this is happening to “me”, this is “my” experience. Identity is a magnet for these types of thoughts. We’re all searching for true freedom and true freedom is be-ing indescribable, it is releasing the need for these types of thoughts and needing an identity. The ego offers no freedom. There is only freedom outside the ego.
So when you realize you are attaching a story, lovingly remind sunrise-1670984_640yourself to leave your story behind with the body and let your path unfold as it should. This is the freedom you seek.
I so love you

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