Refresh and Recharge For 2016

Are you ready to feel loved on? Listened to? Yes, as the amazing person you are, always helping others first, it’s left you felling depleted, exhausted and grouchy.

We’re going to focus on the whole you


I want you to imagine with me for a minute with eyes closed

Loosing the belly bloat because you’ve been dealing with this for way too long. Releasing that “blah” feeling you can’t shake off because of unwanted toxins. Rebalancing your body so that you can glow and feel energized all winter long! Freshening up your life with a delicious whole foods metabolism boost. Getting your energy back, and hitting the “refresh” button on your body

Close your eyes and imagine how that feels.
It’s powerful. It’s real. It’s you.
And it is possible

Did you know your body is carrying roughly 5-10 pounds of toxicity (inflammation) at any given time?
Which means that a headache, bloated belly, or that extra weight that’s staying on is more than likely from toxic overload.
This is why I say no to dieting, and YES to body cleanses.

I say no to depriving, and yes to nourishing.
I say it does not take starving yourself and taking all kinds of fancy pills and powders to begin rebuilding your life.
I will be guiding you and coaching you through a simple step by step system.

You will be working with a proven, three-prong approach used by functional medicine doctors and world-class nutrition experts around the globe.

The Three Phases of the Program

We eliminate what no longer serves you.

We replenish and nourish your body with delicious and easy whole food recipes. We renew and clear your mind with body cleanse tools that will help you de-stress and enjoy the moments of life. We comfort and revitalize your spirit with coaching calls, lifestyle guidance, peer support, and a like-minded community.

We reintroduce the common “triggers,” focus inward, and become in tune with the body and learn what your unique body thrives on so that you leave feeling empowered to create and continue with your own unique program, and turn into a lifestyle of ease, happiness, and confidence.

Ready to learn how to look and feel fabulous?

It’s time to think, eat and live differently! How does LIVING a pain-free life sound?

Living with pain is always the result of internal inflammation. It can drain you of your energy, your joy, pack on weight, give you dark rings and bags under your eyes, age you quicker, invite more health issues, as if you don’t have enough, right?!

When I first began my health journey, I struggled with many issues other than just in my body, because health issues affect the spirit, mind, emotions and our mood. Sucks, doesn’t it?! So, like me, you may find yourself

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to eat, why you feel like crap and how to fix it
Tired of feeling drained and fat, and I don’t mean to be insulting, but fat is fat. Heck at my heaviest, I weighed 250lbs
Dealing with those nasty cravings for sweets. Man, they drove me crazy!
Or you eat healthy, do palates and yoga and still struggle with health issues that are a little more than bothersome
Tried just about ever fad diet, or “this will work” or “shed 10 lbs in 2 days” crap. It’s all crap!!!

I’ve been where you’re at this very moment, so I totally get it.

I was just plain tired! Tired of dealing with it and feeling like I was chasing my tail. I wanted to know what I wasn’t getting!!! Is that too much to ask for? Well I finally got a lot of it figured out! Enough that I have made tremendous progress. Now I want to share my journey with you! I want to teach you all the things I’ve learned and help you heal. Does that sound good?

In case you’re interested, here are my stats so far…

  • Lose 75 lbs
  • I no longer have daily headaches. Thank God too. I was concerned that taking excederine daily was hurting my liver.
  • I’ve reversed my diabetes
  • I’ve also reverse my Hashimoto’s
  • And same with my high Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Now what I’ve also noticed recently, is that I don’t need a nap mid day – for most days anyways, sometimes, I notice when my body releases more weight, or I eat something that inflames it, It will drain my energy, so we take it day by day and make the best choices we can.
  • About 5 months ago, several people messaged me asking what I’m doing. I asked why. They said I look younger today than I did a year ago.
  • This is me laughing with pure surprise! Wow, now is that a bonus you could live with?

Here is what you should know

You need an in-depth exploration into the foods and herbal therapies that work for you unique needs and body. I’ll help you understand how your body guides and speaks to you and what the root of the problem is.

  • Digestives issues
  • Food intolerance
  • Emotional eating

Or whatever brought you to this place!

Why do you struggle with health challenges that others do not? Why do you dislike some foods and make the choices you do?

This is more than just about food, this is about healing your digestive tract, successful weight loss, your overall health and all of these are directly tied into your body, mind and soul.

We all struggle with past pain. No one is immune. However, our past does not define us, although it creeps into our present. We will work together to get you past the reason that has you in this place of health. Because that success, will carry with you the rest of your life!

Hormone imbalances, foggy thinking, cravings, headaches, bloated belly, and anxiety occur when the digestive system is out of balance. This is why it’s time to do something different – this is why when we work together, we will look at every area of your life to create a picture. This picture will show us where we need to make the changes.

It’s all about the breakthroughs!

I will help you discover what is holding you in this place

There are certain steps we must take for healing, because healing isn’t just about your body, it’s about your thoughts, your beliefes, your habits… So in the course of our time together, we will go over the following things.


will empower you to live within the practice that life really matters, every part of your life! When you learn this, it becomes yours and you take it with you wherever you go.


your journey into health and healing begins with being profoundly honest with yourself, receiving full acceptance of who you are, your health issues and life situations as they are at this very moment.


that which you resist, continues to persist. Your journey into surrender will lead you down an amazing path of enlightenment and healing. And the great thing about all of this, is that I will be your partner on this journey.


cellular expression is in a constant state of renewal. Body Cleansing provides and environment for building quality tissue and the genetic remembrance of cells.

Decision Making

you already know what you need. It’s time to start listening to your inner voice so you can choose solutions that feel good to your body, soul and mind.

Designing Your Program

your program becomes your journey. I’ll pinpoint what steps you need and guide you through them.

When you’re done, you’ll walk away healthier, knowing more about yourself than you knew before. Let’s get rid of the monkey holding you back and so you can appreciate the clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose you deserve NOW.

How would you like me to help you?

When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone who truly cared about your health?

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