What It Means If You Have Diabetes

girls-1087471_640My husband was diagnosed with diabetes first and then me. In my search for healing, Eric and I both took herbs. We came off medication and for several years it seemed to be gone or controlled. Then recently it struck again. His blood sugar shot up to 250+. I asked Spirit about for the message, what is the root behind this awful disease. Messages are things like diabetes. We get messages all the time, even if we aren’t aware of them. Every condition or circumstance in my life is there as a mirror of sorts, it’s there because I need it to reveal something important to me. So I realized it’s like this… the smallest paper cut, illness and even a sneeze is there to help me understand what I was thinking, am I making a (lead me down a dark path) choice, or to expand me from being stuck.

This is what Spirit showed me about messages.

1st stage of is disturbing thoughts, wishes, fantasies, intentions, interpretations or repressions.

2nd stage mild irritations like fatigue, irritation reactions, sleep patterns being disrupted

3rd stage is physical things that are an irritation to our body like inflammation. wounds, minor accidents.

4th stage are chronic conditions like autoimmune diseases

5th stage is something interesting in that if we have continued to ignore the messages or are still not aware of them then the universe will precipitate traumatic events such as car accidents or other accidents, assaults, lightening strikes and such

6th stage is the final stage and none of us want to be in any of these stages, especially this one. These are the so called incurable diseases like Lou Gehirg’s, HIV, Cancer and so on.

The next is death.

Back in 2009, my whole family teetered on the edge of stage 6. We didn’t even know abut these messages but that didn’t stop it from happening. We lost all our properties and our jobs, my son got into a car accident, where the bottom of the car got ripped off, leaving his legs to keep hitting the ground as the car projected forward until his legs caught and snapped. My grandson was born with a whole in his heart – it made breathing and eating such a huge challenge, my daughter became very sick, my husband ended up in the hospital with respiratory failure. A man showed up at his bedside and said, “you are suppose to live, may I pray for you”. He recovered and came home a day later.

It was by the grace and love of God that we survived. He supernaturally helped us change. And he can do and does do that for everyone, but do you really want to get that far down the trail before things turn around? I don’t ever want to again.

So back to the diabetes… Spirit showed me that for Eric and I, we both struggled with emotional isolation. Basically starving for love. Just saying this to you and my heart grieves and tears fall. Spirit has this amazing way of getting down to the nitty gritty of our issue. Hitting it right on the spot. The tears are clouding my eyes. Hang on while I wipe them.

He showed me that Eric and I are struggling with feeling like we belong. I want so much to feel truly loved. Both of us came from abusive homes, but I will talk about mine and leave Eric to share his. I was the black sheep of the family. My brother and sister was much like my mom, who she could relate with. I was like dad, which made mom jealous of me. She wanted his whole attention and didn’t like it that he could get along with me better than my siblings.

client-3Eric, my husband lived next door, did I ever tell you that? He said when he used the downstairs bathroom, (it’s window faced our kitchen window) he said he heard them saying things to me I won’t repeat. It’s not important anymore, just know it was bad. And you know, I barely have a memory of this. I was surprised when Eric shared this with me.

As a little girl, I didn’t trust because being honest meant a tongue lashing. For many years, I’ve been seeking healing from these deep emotional wounds. And I just didn’t get to the healing before the messages reached stage 4. Diabetes affects the flow of my life too. Spirit showed me that I struggle with feeling like I don’t deserve better, but that is changing. I was shocked to recently find out I was again, in another abusive relationship. I quickly ended it because I DESERVE BETTER! That feels so amazing! Diabetes also means I am self-restrictive in the way I move through life. I can see how I do this with relationships. I recently met a friend, who I love very dearly. She has been showing me how to operate without restriction. She has been the role model I never got while growing up. What a neat gift and awareness that I am attracting the healing and beautiful people into my life

I feel like I just poured out my soul to you all. Anyways, about a month ago, I received a vision. In this vision I saw a young man dying. Then Spirit said to me, he is dying soon, go tell him to live, to choose life. With my husband by my side, I delivered the box of herbal therapies I put together for him and the message. The young man sat there with tears streaming down his face and said, I had no idea I was giving up. Now that I hear this message I can see I have and I choose life! I hugged him and let Spirits love flow through me to him, and right before our eyes, his plum size swollen glands shrunk to normal size. This was such a powerful experience, it changed me to my core.

I asked Spirit what I was to do with this, he said, go tell others I have messages to heal them also. So I started a group called Awakened You to lovingly support you. And for the next month I’m offering this complimentary. May I lovingly support you on Tuesday nights?

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Tuesday nights have never been so good! This has only been my 3rd evening with this group, and already I am feeling the immense benefit of healing, clarity, support, understanding and
supreme guidance.
As a 35 year student/teacher of innergrowth healing Veronica has opened vistas of new ways to express my sense of unique contribution.
Having community without expectations, or judgments, frees the mind to
communicate it’s deepest needs, and you just can’t put a price on that!
This group is a genuine gift to me that I am grateful for everyday.

Vonda MacKenzie


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