Veronica And Vonda

Dynamic Two Session Package

The inspiration for the VAV Dynamic package was inspired after Veronica and Vonda had been working together for a while, and realizing how compatible their two gifts are when combined. After meeting on Facebook six months ago, there was an immediate connection that revealed they both had long time devotion to healing practices.

While working together and investing in each other’s services, they quickly reaped the benefits of each other’s talents. It was evident to them by the rapid changes that were occurring in their lives that they felt guided to bring the power of this combined healing to you.

The purpose in combining their healing expertise is to insure maximum benefit for their clients. These two modalities complement each other like a perfect yin and yang symbol. It is their true intention to synthesize pure relief and freedom on all levels. Although the session can easily be booked separately, in person, or remotely via phone or skype, it is a potent healing experience and valuable benefit to experience these together.

Veronica Schultz

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Through working with people on an energetic level, Veronica’s work has naturally progressed into an ability to communicate with her clients soul needs. And through the Holy Spirit it has a evolved into being able to receive messages pertaining to the Deep inner truth of her client’s Life Experiences.

These messages bring up profound emotions that have been deeply hidden and help the client relate to their presentship. It helps them release those blockages that are behind their present issues.

She has been receiving testimonials that when people read these message, changes happen on a deep cellular level.

Veronica Single Session

Veronica Follow-up Session

Vonda MacKenzie

Vonda created the technique Inner Reign which involves connecting to the subconscious to uncover hidden traumas, unforgiven experiences, and self-limiting beliefs. By bringing up these cords to the past they are lovingly released and replaced with a higher more desired soul truth.

This session creates a clearer connection with your subconscious thus empowering you to manifest your highest intentions and deepest desires on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Clients report an immediate sense of peace, lightness and a stronger connection to their Divine Source.

You can find out more about Vonda, other services she provides and have direct communication with her by visiting her website at InnerReign

Vonda Single Session

Vonda Follow-up Session

VAV Dynamic Two Session Package

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