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TeraDeepI have to tell you what happened today at the periodontist Veronica… I had my X-ray done for my teeth in July. It showed that I had severe bone loss in the lower back tooth and some in the front. There talks of me loosing that tooth. I contacted Veronica Schultz- my Herbal Therapist and asked for her tincture to grow back my bones. She made it for me. I took it semi consistently with the intention of regrowing my bone loss. Today, I went in to the periodontist for a deep gum/teeth cleaning. You know the one that everyone dread. The technician looked at my X-ray from July and asked me when I am scheduled to remove the tooth. I said I had no intention of removing it. She said it doesn’t look good you have severe bone loss there. I said “Yes I know”. And here is the fun part…. When she went in there to clean, she said “Hmmm it doesn’t look as bad as that X-Ray shows.” She held back from saying I think you can save your tooth. But I can see her mind and her mouth wanting to say it. HA!!!!! I am going to keep up my regiment of tincture and good cleaning. And we are going to save my teeth and my bone loss. Thanks Veronica!!!!

January 9th 2014 Update:
I just went back for a check up. the doctor said my teeth and gum has improved tremendously. He said “there is NO comparison”

OK Veronica Schultz are you ready for this one???? So we have been posting about how your TeraDeep to help me grow my bones for my teeth….I have more news…..I have been a little shy about really believing that it is working, right? I mean that is pretty bold to say, in less than 6 months, we managed to grow my bone in my jaw to hang on to my back tooth and my front teeth. My skeptical mind is still looking for doubt and inconclusive results.I was at breakfast with my daughter, and for some crazy reason, I started to wiggle my front tooth… and holy taco moly… my tooth is not wiggling anymore. It’s so much straighter and i can’t wiggle it anymore. 6 months ago, it felt like if I kept working at it, I could take it right out. Then I couldn’t stop. I had to check on my back tooth, to see how it is. (Meanwhile, my 12 yr old daughter is mortified that her mother has her mouth wide open, with my full hand digging at my back tooth). It’s solid. There is hardly any movement for that tooth either.

Dude!!! what’s in that stuff?!!! Can it really be true? that we can grow our bones back with just a few drops a day? I am totally stoked!!!!
March 3, 2014

Update: Well, it’s official. I had my check up and my teeth and bones are completely restored. The Peridontist didn’t want to give the tincture credit, so I didn’t waste my breath. March 2014

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