Take Your Study of Reality to a New Level of Knowledge and Understanding by Clearing Your Present and Past to Influence Your Future Reality
Start with the BROOM Experience™ conducted by Veronica and Stephen Schultz to sweep away deep-seated negative memories from multiple dimensions, blocks, resistance and attachments to prepare for a monumental shift in your life, work or business.

Following are some comments from Veronica and Stephen’s clients:

“Main reason I was stopping myself from launching my online business is I felt lost, shy with no self-confidence. The BROOM changed all of that”

“Since our couples BROOM Experience, my husband has been so much happier and more affectionate lately! I absolutely love what doing the BROOM as a couple has done to our relationship!”

“I am just soo thankful to be FREE!”

Then after your BROOM Experience create the future you desire with 6 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Abilities with Jon Taber who gives you an awesome advantage in life by teaching you what it takes to earn a gold medal in an Olympic sport, like his wife Judy Taber did in synchronized swimming.
To learn more about the BROOM Experience and 6 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Abilities see: journeyawakens.com or call Veronica Schultz at: 209 482-7771 or 209 636-3115.

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