Shown here is the draft cover designed by Veronica Schultz for a book I’m launching next month. It is one of the items that will be given to members of our Insight Mastery Teams and all of my transformation coaching and training clients.

Judy McFadden’s photo is from the 1963 US Olympic Team Book after she won the gold medal featured on the top left. The book deals with a personal training system Judy used to achieve world-class performance in the Olympic sport synchronized swimming and how others can use a similar system to achieve extraordinary life and business success.

Judy and I were married two years after the picture was taken and together we developed The Reality Transformer System™ which I use to help people recreate their life and achieve their dreams. By following the powerful 7-step process and using the correct mindsets you can produce winning performance in almost everything you do.

I’m looking forward to sharing this valuable information with you, people you love and the organizations who serve you.



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