heart-energy-767928_640The message came to me several days ago, “he is deciding to give up, he will die soon. Give him this message

Live! Choose to Live! Choose Life! You are supported and loved. Tell him… ”
And today, with my husband at my side, I deliveredangel-1181188_640 a box of herbal therapies and the message, it was intense. As he sat and listened, tears began to form and run down his cheeks. I was spirits voice. The message came matter-of-fact, with power and so, so much love! He caved and wept clearing/cleansing tears and then spoke, yes, I choose to live! Thank you and healing began.

The glands in his neck began to shrink as I held him and not before, because connection and the love that poured forth through me, healed a part of him that desperately needed to feel loved and connected.


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