Soul Journey: Let us take you on a journey to get closure, and seek clarity for you from your higher-self, Spirit, your Guides and Angels. Allowing us to guide you on this journey can even connect you with loved ones. It’s a magnificent experience that releases negative energy allowing the release and
healing of painful experiences not just for you but the other who was involved, even if they’ve passed over.

How does a Soul Journey Session proceed? 

The wonderful thing about Soul Journey is that it can be done no matter where you are in the world. We begin our sessions by inviting God’s protection to surround us. We connect and talk with your subconscious (higher-self) to find out what’s going on, what is troubling you. Then we set things right.

Clients have different responses to this work. Some  clients feel nothing during the session, but notice various changes in the hours or days following; others describe emotional release such as tears or laughter, tingling sensations. Others have what they consider to be a spiritual experience or develop insights into specific areas of their lives. While others experience restoration in peace and joy. Every experience is unique because every client is unique.

What others are saying…

I had a Soul Journey Session with Veronica and Stephen and I can tell you it was amaaaaaazing!! They connected me to self-love (and I didn’t know I was disconnected) and removed the negative energy. They made serious headway in my body, aura, in everything. I can tell when I am releasing layers by when I yawn and I yawned a whole lot during the entire session. About half way through, Veronica asked me if I wanted to continue the session and I said absolutely, I was vibrating so high and surrounded by a white light. I was tingly, my chest feel golden bright and expanding. I could breath easier. When all was complete, I experienced something I’ve never felt at this level before. When I experience healing modalities, and I’ve experienced a lot of them, I get tingling on the surface of my body from head to toe. But I am tingling all the way through my back and past my back. I can’t even see how far back it goes, because it goes behind a veil. I feel like my every particle is vibrating and the cleanse goes as deep as my cells. Never have I experienced anything like this!!!

~Michi Robinson Founder of “I am Gigglicious” a facebook group for women

Few years ago I became a friend with one lady on Facebook. I felt she has been following me and supporting me from a distance. She has been another angel God has sent me over years, a fantastic woman!!!
She is an amazing intuitive healer, a life coach. You must connect with her to help you rebuild your life. She has been a blessing to me, truly, this lady rocks and she reignited fire within my soul
I want you to meet Veronica and Stephen Schultz  founder of amazing people to connect who do powerful healing work. If you have money blocks, relationship or health issues they can help and guide you.

I love my chats with Veronica an intuitive coach and healer ~Tatyana Gann, she is an amazing Life Coach at Tatyana Gann

I was unexpectedly gifted a session with Veronica and Stephen and didn’t really know what I was in for… however I have learnt to accept all gifts from the universe with an open heart and the session turned out to be very special and brought some deep healing and clarification of an aspect I had been working on for years.

Veronica is very clearly gifted and I love how she works with her son, they complement each other beautifully and offer very clear and concise guidance.

I feel deeply blessed and at peace with what emerged in the session and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.
If you are seeking guidance on stubbornly unresolved issues and blockages Veronica will get to it in the most graceful and straightforward manner!

Alex is a Detoxification strategist/transformation coach. You can find out more about her by visiting

Alexandra Schwenn @ Authentic Embodied Vitality

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