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Time to share about the SOUL JOURNEY Experience

I thought I would post what kind of conversations we have with those interested in a Soul Journey Experience.

C: I’ve received help in the past, but when that ended I just never got back to addressing that area in my life. And now life feels heavy and sad and I am just not sure where to begin to correct it.
I feel like there is a war going on inside my body. I heard about your Soul Journey Experience and was wondering if you could tell me what the process of signing up looks like and what would I be signing up for?

V: All of us have lives we’ve lived before our earth experience. And in these lives, we’ve encountered traumatic experiences, which created negative cords. In this life, we war against those cords. They cause us experience the same thing over and over again. We also war against the darkness in this world. You may or may not be aware of this, but I can tell you, having a dark energy sit on me makes it so very real!

There is a certain look people have when they are waring with this darkness. Let me explain it this way. My dog was dying; of course I didn’t know it was serious until we took her to the vet. The vet had to put her down, so after we said our goodbyes, I held her as she went. Her face all of a sudden went smooth, peaceful. I was shocked. Because I saw her every day, I didn’t notice when she began to hold the stress in her face. This is the same look people hold when they are being tormented by darkness. I see it everywhere. We release this darkness from their lives and with us, it’s a simple process.

To book your experience with us:

When you get to the website, you select work with us; then select the portal Soul Journey. From there you read what you get in a Soul Journey; which is a about a 1.5-2 hour experience. During your experience we check if you are connected to the Mother’s love and if not, we connect you; which also connects you to self-love. We find out how many lifetimes you’ve lived and who you were before you earth experience; which is awesome because it totally empowers you and gives you a sense of direction. We find out how many cords need cutting and if you have any dark energies that are keeping you blocked from moving forward. We clear all those and then spend time guiding you on protection and what to do next. You’re also invited to our exclusive private group for “Soul Journeyers” only for more guidance, interaction with those who’ve had the same journey.

C: Thank you! I SOOO want this!

To book yours go to

Look at what our client says:

I am excited to announce last night my boyfriend and I did our Soul Journeys! It was amazing.. I found out I had 15 lifetimes and he had 17! If I recall from the reading in one of my lifetimes, I was a Powerful Shaman Healer, healing on all universes, not just on Earth. I must say I certainly picked the right profession as a Chiropractor – focusing on natural healing, decreasing inflammation, increasing the immune system and focusing on reaching 100% function of all Systems in the body. (I am currently in the process of moving across country where I will open up my practice.) In my boyfriend’s past life he was born a princess and chosen to be a Holy knight. – very powerful protector of the Universe. This really explains a lot as he is always doing martial arts training, staying in shape, and telling me “I must learn survival skills to protect myself.” It was a few years ago he did some martial arts training where he actually was wiped. I thought, Know that is Flippin Crazy! His response is “It is for mental and physical training you Never know what you will encounter.” There were a lot of other things we learned too. Now, This is Day 1 post the journey… I noticed this instantly. For the past 3 days, I have been wearing an ankle brace on both ankles as I sprained them. I would do ice baths at night, adjust them, and nothing did help. During the journey, the pain in the right ankle INSTANTLY decreased, where I was doing foot circles, then it came back a little bit but not nearly as much pain, then it decreased.. Well, I just got done working 4 – 5 hours and for the first time, in 4 days I can say the pain was at a 2 very low. Yesterday, during work it was at a 8! In addition, I woke up this morning with a tiny pimple around my belly button! So what does this all mean…. DETOX, CLEARING, Cleansing, and for me EXCITEMENT on what is about to come!!!

If you have not yet done a Soul Journey, I highly recommend it!

Crystal Drzewiecki

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