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We help YOU release the pain and blockages that are behind your present issues

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Herbal Medicine

We specialize in the Herbal Medicine has been used for thousands of years. Herbal Medicine gives your body the instructions it needs to promote self-healing

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Here is where we put thoughts to paper and share them with the world. We write on anything promoting your health and freedom from pain. Come enjoy the rantings of Veronica and Stephen Schultz

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9 Day Self-Love Challenge

What brings healing and balance into your life? When your love account is depleted there is nothing left to give, and that is just not OK when it comes to our loved ones. During the nine day Self-love challenge, you will be given one little thing to do for yourself ever day. This will fill your love tank up so you can feel refreshed and pay it forward.

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Healthy Recipes

18+ days of whole food delicious recipes and lots of information about detoxing. This guide will help you stop your health issues from chiseling away your energy and performance, release body pain and stomach issues.

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Essential You

We share lots of information on essential oils, combining and using them inn this Essential Oil guide



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