A Safe Place To Heal

Tomorrow is the next Awakened You. Less than 20 hrs away.

Did you know all of us are struggling with one or more illusions, false thoughts that are hurting us?

Shame, intimacy avoidance, disengaging ourself from the world, fear of being unimportant, distrust, resentment, dispair-rage, little to none self-love, we don’t deserve love, deprivations, degradations, endangered, helpless, abandonment-anxiety, she-jection, he-jection, and I could write a book on all the issues Spirit is showing me.

Part of healing is being willing to go under the surface of the emotion we understand at present moment. And then as we are ready, even go a little deeper. Deeper still.

What does this mean?

Think about a pyramid. Now look at this pyramid as layers. See the tip? There on the tip sits for example the uneasy feeling your parents are angry with you, 1st layer. But you don’t understand why, so fear that something is wrong with you sets in. The 2nd layer was just built. You start withdrawing your voice, you stop sharing your intimate feelings because you fear they don’t approve. 3rd layer.

As time goes by, layer after layer is built until you have this ginormous pyramid.

Now flip your pyramid over. The bottom is now your top and this is what you’re dealing with today. A huge EMOTION that is a mile wide in every direction. You’ve lived with it so long, you have no idea what lies each layer deep.

This is where we need to go, this is were I safely navigate you. In order to heal, in order to find joy, wholeness, health, we must go deep. We must connect with our spirit. We’ve been disconnected for so long. Anyways we’ll talk about this on the call. Bring your questions, send in your questions. This is a safe place to heal. A safe place to ask questions. Be brave, the time to heal is now or you wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t have reached out.

I want to hear your precious voice, your sweet soul expressing itself, desiring to be heard. Yes you are precious, even if you don’t feel it. I know you are because Spirit has shown me you are.

I so love you, ~ Veronica Schultz

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