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I had a broome session this morning 15/16/2017 with these two amazing beings and I wanted to share the immediate effects I felt from that session.

My hands were tingling about 5-8mins before the session began, during the session I felt lighter especially around my chest area and then felt slight numbness in my legs and tingles in my feet. I began to breathe more deeply.

For about 7 months I had a pain in the ball of my root foot that came from nowhere. I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk properly, sort of like plantar faschitis. I would have to limp along until I could walk without limping.

When I got off the bed after the session had ended, I was able to stand without feeling huge amounts of pain in my foot and able to walk normally again! My legs feel way better and I can feel my calves again as I contract the muscles. I hadn’t walked the same again over the last 7 months and now i feel that issue has been resolved.

Although I’m a big lady I don’t feel heavy in my body anymore. I’m looking forward to receiving knowledge from my guides to be able to be of service to humanity 🙂 I am truly humbled and very appreciative of this mother and son duo for their love and service and I highly recommend their service if you are contemplating having a session with them. With much love and appreciation Mauri Ora!!


In my times of questioning and not knowing my true calling and always asking angels and guides and not understanding the signs because i was doubting myself you have guided me , showed me and validated and confirm also what angels and guides were trying to show me
. Your energy flow is so strong and i can see the love and sincerity, how you devote yourselfs with love for thw higher good. The way you explain it was so much easier for me to understand. With my condition sometimes is hard for me to catch on i was diagnosed severe ADHD with comprehensive dyslexia and its easy To lose my attention. At school with was hell for me because of that. YOU and stephen are so full of energy , love and outgoing keeps me captivated and i listen very well and helps me so much. For the first time in my life i truly listen to someone’s advice and follow it seriously. Which i have been doing and everything is falling into place. And like you guys said and jon i am following my passion. I want to be a guide and heal people who need it.

~Nancy Barabe

They are amazing duo, they are so special and spot on. They are very caring and loving individuals. I just love them to pieces! God bless you two always!!
~Melissa Malisha Kaminski

I had a few readings and activations done by the mother and son duo, and completely opened my mind to a new way of seeing things. I then booked a broom appointment and am so incredibly happy I did. All the negative cords that were weighing me down were removed and immediately after felt this huge weight lift from me. The following days right after I felt more and more of a negative energy release and have been much more happier since. Also, I was in the process of quitting cigarettes and a few days after my broom, I didn’t even want one!! It completely changed my life and I can’t wait to book my next broom session. I HIGHLY recommend Veronica and Stephen for your spiritual healing needs!!!
~Jessica Leigh Schrimpl

I have been following Veronica and Stephen for a while now. I have had two readings with them and both times they have been accurate and I have taken on board what they have said and it has changed my life immensely. I am the happiest and most contented in my life than I ever have been. I live in Australia and wish I lived closer to them to receive more learning. Their energy is so enlightening.
~Ros Phillips

Excellent, funny atmosphere, big audience, I strongly recommend
~Rushdie Tazeroualti

These two are AMAZING! Beautiful energy and always spot on! Thank you both for all of your guidance
~Trish Montgomery

I had a mini reading on their live FB forum and they nailed it! I listened to everyone else’s readings and they didn’t hit home like my personal reading. Definitely booking them in near future!

~Natalie Essaied

These two are truly gifted and special! Their energy is amazing and infectious. Had a private reading and can not wait to book a Broom with them! Love and light xoxo

~Karen Karpen

I was in a very dark place fighting for my life and I just felt so trapped for a long time. I have been chasing after my goals and dreams and on my journey I kept having this horrible feeling. I’m very passionate about helping others become a better person, I love fitness training and modeling.

I kept asking for guidance from up above and then I came across Veronica & Stephen Schultz. I got in on the Broom Experience and let me tell you, it helped me so much I can’t even type this without crying. I am so grateful for them. They give you their time and an incredible experience of understanding! Now I don’t feel trapped and I am making progress in life!

Love you both dearly,
Sheri Wyatt

Inspiring Az Model

Working with Jon as a Mentor has been such a pleasure and learning experience. We had an instant connection. Over the months with Jon’s teachings and information, which I study and enjoy, I have really grown in many ways. As people we are taught ways and see ways of behaving in certain situations, actually all situations. By applying these teachings and changing my outlook on life I have grown and are more aware. I believe I care less at all for those things and I am expanding in my mind, enjoying life. I am more aware that life is as I say “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. I am one with myself and not disconnected. Jon has been so wonderful and knowledable about what life’s all about and has helped me to go and explore the wonderment of life, not the grind we see. In this life no chaos is needed. Love, peace and joy is what is about. I look forward to conversations with Jon and take away always a bit of enlightenment each time. I know i can have anything in life i desire I just go with it. What a wonderful gift I was given by meeting Jon and his work. Thank you

Heidi Velazquez

I have had a reading, activation, and broom done by these wonderful people and all I can say is wow!! These people are truly gifted, and so special. Not only is their energy so kind and beautiful, but they have such deep compassion for what you are feeling. My readings with Stephan have been so spot on, and the activations that Veronica gives are truly magical. Today I got the Broom done, before I started I had zero energy and honestly just felt run down. After I felt so wonderful and had so much energy. The experience itself was so amazing and so spiritual. I can’t even explain it. I recommend this duo to everyone, you won’t regret it!! Thank you Veronica and Stephan for sharing your beautiful gifts, you’re going to help so many people.

Misty Overduyn

Jon is great to work with. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on a variety of industries. His background in spirituality & holistic health makes working with him much more grounded and on point with his advice. Jon’s advice takes you, your business and your goals into account. His holistic methods help people achieve their goals quicker and get results faster than most. I highly recommend Jon Taber. ~Lisa Vaz

Veronica and stephen are simply amazing they’re energy is so powerful and the 2 readings and the activation i experienced was just woww they have made a huge impact in my life their guidance has awakened me and i will for sure want a broom from them two saving up just for that. I pray hard so they do online courses because i feel drawn to them so much i came across these beautiful souls for a reason its calling me. Keep up the good work you 2 are doing amazing work and your positive energy and guiding lights are helping people in a loving way. Love and light to you 2 and may guides keep showering you with blessings you are angels

Nancy Barabe

This dynamic duo is so genuine and their readings are spot on! It’s given with kindness, support and lots of laughter which is so uplifting!

Angie Chandler

I have been honored to consult Jon on many occasions and his wisdom and guidance has revealed my life purpose and also confirmed my own decisions were right. He has provided many resources and tools to help me evolve in my coaching career.

Tatyana Gann

Deep divinely-guided readings with love Clarity wisdom and gratitude

Jackie Wilushewski

The readings and activations I’ve had done by these two have resonated completely every time! Their energy is amazing and always uplifting at the exact time I need it! I’m excited for the future Broom experience I’m planning on booking with these two amazing souls!

Sara LeVasseur

They are amazing duo, they are so special and spot on. They are very caring and loving individuals. I just love them to pieces! God bless you two always!!

Melissa Malisha Kaminski

It is a pleasure knowing Jon both as a friend and colleague. Jon is a clear and concise individual with an incredible amount of experience while dealing with any situation. He is completely results driven and I am happy to have him as a mentor and friend.
James Galgano

The BROOM Experience is an amazing journey into the core of you. Finding new details about you which helps you confirm questions you wanted to know.

Both Veronica and Stephen give you that 1:1 time so you can understand the information you just received. They are joyful and offer a loving and safe approach.

Thank you for all you do. ~Lisa Jo Davis 

Owner at Healing Light With Lisa Jo


I just wanted you to know, I love the both if you. I’m an intuitive/medium. Since y’all gave me a reading, my energy has been extremely high (with love). ♡♡♡ love and positive vibes to the both if you!

Kaliegh Norris

Stephen & Veronica are absolutely brilliant!!! My reading was so accurate & exactly what I needed to hear… This Lotus flower is ready to bloom and move the fuck on thanks to u guys… I highly recommend these 2… Much love & light  ~

Jennifer Jennison 

Jon is an experienced student of human development who has created a model for deepening the learning about oneself and others. I see it as a valuable tool to be added to a coach’s toolkit of approaches and methods. The model integrates visual and verbal for an impactful, quality presentation. Jon is a professional with many stories to share and ways for participants to learn interactively in the presentation. He is knowledgeable and warm and deeply committed to the work he does. I was fortunate to have seen his work evolve over the past several years and am certain that others will be as interested in it as I was. It pulled me in immediately.

Roberta Pickett

They explain things and read the cards so well give me beautiful inspiring messages love them they brighten my day ~

Brandi Hardin

Jon’s ability to understand people is exceptional. His strong people skills, entrepreneurial spirit, quick- wit, and amazing depth of knowledge in Technology & Processes enable him to build and execute business development pipelines with minimal effort. He is an honorable man/leader to work for/with, and a person who many respect for his outstanding wisdom and extraordinary business experience.

Katie C. Ashcraft

Heidi’s Velazquez BROOM Experience

You can connect with Heidi @Facebook

Teri Miller’s BROOM Experience

You can connect with Teri Miller at any of the links below. She has amazing reach within the community and her loving spirit touches hearts daily. Teri is also the founder of TIME HEALS, TIME© stands for Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy© and is going viral worldwide.

So much has come forward I can’t even keep up I always said I have a strong committee.  I just keep laughing with them as I see I always saw them just not as clear like this since I was a child takes a lot to get my attention I’m quite used to spirit and its play but getting tapped and a small fright opened me up to see the vibes even clearer.

Veronica asks, “Is all the healing from BROOM?”

No but BROOM is being an aid as in clearing the dust I couldn’t get to. I was so tired, so sad… No one knew how to come in. And no one could until I made some serious decisions to open my heart and home back up to spirit in full and the boyfriend leaving sadly took a lot of static with him so all this is integration to many healings going on at once but the magic that I feel is due to the BROOM. I was too heavy to feel it happily before

And when not happy it is like such a narrow channel to reach the heart of life…
you two caught me in my regain and I needed the support so deeply and when not happy it is like such a narrow channel to reach the heart of life to be seen and heard i was born in a cave in Kuai Hawaii
on Budah mountain lmao its always been magic.

But I got hurt when life took and it’s been a battle getting into a good flow for the body to sustain without the traumatic events pushing me into adrenaline.
This is a grounded flow. I prayed. I went cross country eight (8) times lol detoxing and releasing in surrender let go and I’m not in this flow anymore I am now learning to ground grow roots and be safe in my healing where I can experience it and hopefully share it, rebuilding from a major walkabout. Came home in time for dad’s death, this was tragic he went out on a motorcycle last June. I got somersaulted back here to Washington where I grew up right after and I’m learning to be home again. Dad lived in Oregon so this is the full circle now on the mountain. Just like Stephen’s eyes didn’t go bad because I worked with him but it did brighten the healing into what is physical. That is how i witnessed it. So yes it is all because of the BROOM and the many keepers of this type of love they give! I do feel swept thru.


Fawn Harmoni

So I think it’s about time I talk about my Broom/Soul Journey experience. Mine is probably going to be explained a bit different than most of you but I want to focus on how things have changed since. I also want to apologize for taking so long to get this out there. I had some health issues and some family health issues going on. So I’ve recently turned 50 and I’m pretty sure because of so much past trauma in my life I never knew how to love myself-I’ve always been kinda self destructive and though I’m a good person and good to other people I’ve just never cared about me. I know what I want and how I want to feel inside but I’ve always had this heaviness and darkness inside. Over the years I’ve tried so many things including therapy to relieve this but nothing has ever worked for more than a short time. So one of the things that Veronica and Stephen told me was that I was basically wrapped like a mummy in these cords. When they were being released I swear I actually Physically felt this happening, especially on my legs. Stephen also said that my ankles were really bound tight. Interesting that for the past few years when I get out of bed every morning my ankles hurt so bad they feel like they’re going to break. Here’s where it gets Amazing! Since my session (at least a month ago) I’ve had absolutely No pain in my ankles-not once! Everything has really changed for me. It’s like they took the darkness out of me and replaced it with light. I mean that literally. I feel light inside and I’m also starting to really love myself for the 1st time ever which has made all of my relationships better. All of the people close to me have noticed this huge change in me to. I’m not such a loner anymore either. There’s so many other things I learned but for someone like me This was the most important thing that happened to me from this experience. I will never be able to thank you guys for giving me my life back. What a beautiful thing to be able to actually Live in this world instead of just exist. Veronica Schultz and Stephen Schultz I Love you guys so very much and wish there was some way I could repay you. This group is wonderful-just to have a safe place with so much love from everyone. ❤️
Heidi Beerbohm

I am excited to announce last night my boyfriend and I did our BROOM! It was amazing.. I found out I had 15 lifetimes and he had 17! If I recall from the reading in one of my lifetimes, I was a Powerful Shaman Healer, healing on all universes, not just on Earth. I must say I certainly picked the right profession as a Chiropractor – focusing on natural healing, decreasing inflammation, increasing the immune system and focusing on reaching 100% function of all Systems in the body. (I am currently in the process of moving across country where I will open up my practice.) In my boyfriend’s past life he was born a princess and chosen to be a Holy knight. – very powerful protector of the Universe. This really explains a lot as he is always doing martial arts training, staying in shape, and telling me “I must learn survival skills to protect myself.” It was a few years ago he did some martial arts training where he actually was wiped. I thought, Know that is Flippin Crazy! His response is “It is for mental and physical training you Never know what you will encounter.” There were a lot of other things we learned too. Now, This is Day 1 post the BROOM… I noticed this instantly. For the past 3 days, I have been wearing an ankle brace on both ankles as I sprained them. I would do ice baths at night, adjust them, and nothing did help. During the BROOM, the pain in the right ankle INSTANTLY decreased, where I was doing foot circles, then it came back a little bit but not nearly as much pain, then it decreased.. Well, I just got done working 4 – 5 hours and for the first time, in 4 days I can say the pain was at a 2 very low. Yesterday, during work it was at a 8! In addition, I woke up this morning with a tiny pimple around my belly button! So what does this all mean…. DETOX, CLEARING, Cleansing, and for me EXCITEMENT on what is about to come!!!

If you have not yet done a Soul Journey, I highly recommend it!

Crystal Drzewiecki

I was unexpectedly gifted a session with Veronica and Stephen and didn’t really know what I was in for… however I have learnt to accept all gifts from the universe with an open heart and the session turned out to be very special and brought some deep healing and clarification of an aspect I had been working on for years.

Veronica is very clearly gifted and I love how she works with her son, they complement each other beautifully and offer very clear and concise guidance.

I feel deeply blessed and at peace with what emerged in the session and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.
If you are seeking guidance on stubbornly unresolved issues and blockages Veronica will get to it in the most graceful and straightforward manner!

Alex is a Detoxification strategist/transformation coach. You can find out more about her by visiting

Alexandra Schwenn @ Authentic Embodied Vitality

I booked what used to be called a (Soul Journey experience) and is now called The BROOM Experience with Veronica and Stephen. I’ve got to share with you, I started to yawn feeling the clearing, started to cry and then BOOM, it was like an atomic bomb release of shit.

Sharing our history, a few years ago I became a friend with one lady on Facebook. I felt she has been following me and supporting me from a distance. She has been another angel God has sent me over years, a fantastic woman!!!
She is an amazing intuitive healer, a life coach. You must connect with her to help you rebuild your life. She has been a blessing to me, truly, this lady rocks and she reignited fire within my soul
I want you to meet Veronica and Stephen Schultz  founder of amazing people to connect who do powerful healing work. If you have money blocks, relationship or health issues they can help and guide you.

I love my chats with Veronica an intuitive coach and healer ~Tatyana Gann, she is an amazing Life Coach at Tatyana Gann

Sooooo about my Soul Journey Session with Veronica Schultz
and Stephen Shultz I had on 3/17/17….

Where do I start?!!! It was totally AMAAAAAZINGGG!!! I found out I was disconnected from God, (and I wasn’t even aware of it) but with their help I was able to reconnect and I did notice a change in my energy. At first when I heard this I was like bothered by it, but then I remembered there was a time in my youth where I did turn my back on God, of course since then I’ve come to embrace Him/Her; however, “I” didn’t even think or know I needed to replug into SOURCE energy… But know I’m plugged in again 😉!

During my session, (which is actually three sessions I did all in one) they were able to clear more from my physical body and etheric body…(my aura). One thing I’ve learned in my travels is when you experience yawning or sighing when doing any energy work (or daily affirmations) it’s a physical sign that you are clearing thru layers of hurts, memories, beliefs, and the like. Anywhoo, there was a point where I was yawning like crazy! LIKE REALLY YAWNING OVER AND OVER AND OVER…and it wasn’t because I was tired either! In fact I was totally vibrating!!! My every particle was vibrating… Verrrry cool!!!

I had sooooo much energy coursing throughout me it was beyond amazing! I’ve had a few other sessions of other modalities where I could feel tingly on my surface going in depth about 3″… But in this session the energy was moving ALLLLL THE WAY THROUGH ME!!! In fact the picture in my head was like a funnel vortex with the opening on my front and the vortex tail out my back.

During my session Stephen saw I had only lived 5 other lives and before that I was “angelic”! The vision I had was like the vortex except the “tail” went beyond a veil and I couldn’t see how far it went back. The awesome thing is according to Stephen as an angelic being I was an observer… Which if you know me, you know I LOOOOOVE TO WATCH PEOPLE!!! And I’m very detailed orientated when noticing things about others…

Another life of mine I’ve always felt was that of a warrior!!! I remember the first time I ever saw a Haka tribal demonstration I felt very connected like I was watching my roots! I felt very proud and a bit home sick too…I’ll cry with pride watching the Maori people display the Haka – I’ll attach a video of what I’m talking about.

If you are looking to take some steps on your spiritual journey I highly suggest you give them a call if they resonate with you. Not all modalities are suited for all, but you’ll know it’s for you if you feel it resonates with you…if you feel a spark make the call!

~Michi Robinson Founder of “I am Giggleicious” a facebook group for women

I booked a Soul Journey Session 3 from Veronica and Stephen Schultz and WOW!!! I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. I am a Psychic Medium, Metaphysical teacher. I get downloaded with an abundance of stuff, but past life stuff I don’t really do. So they helped me clear so much stuff that I have been trying to clear for so long and I really suggest a session with them, because it has just taken the last bit of the edge of things that have been stuck in me. I could not seem to release it on my own or with anyone else’s help. That doesn’t mean I am not working on things or that I haven’t been helped by others, but what a fucken amazing session.

I’ve got to tell you this, during one of the cord cuttings and release, I felt this golden light fill me up and when it got to my crown chakra, it exploded like a fucken volcano. It. Was. Europhic! These guys are fucken MAGICAL! I was speechless and it’s hard for me to be speechless. ~Stacey Lynn Owner of Psychic Medium

I wanted send a BIG HUG to Stephen! He told his story about adults always rushing him and how it made him feel. Every morning my 5 yr old son cries getting ready for school. EVERY morning. When I heard your son describe what that feels like- I spoke with my husband. For the past two days he has gotten up with my son and I hear them talking and giggling. My son leaves the house with a smile and confidence. I think your sons story changed the course for me and my son for the better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!💕💕💕👏👏💕

~Grateful Mommy

I just got a waitress job on top of the hotel. I didn’t start yet, but I am happy this will help me financially in many ways; including hiring you guys! I love watching you guys with all you do for people, including for my boyfriend and I!
Can you tell me exactly what all comes with the Session #3? I am excited my boyfriend said he will do the session with me. Of course I will have to pay for it all, but I don’t mind, however I want to act quick since he is open to doing it, less he changes his mind.  As you know, he was such a skeptic until you gave him a card reading.

~Grateful, Chiropractic Holistic Health Center Therapist

“I came excited, even though I didn’t know what to expect. I found out I’ve had 7 lives. I’ve got to do number 2 and 3 still. I don’t know if I could of handled it all at once. I almost went to sleep it was so peaceful and tingly for me.

Stephen Schultz has some amazing healing energy! It’s amazing how it’s so strong even from a distance. I know energy can travel far but wow!! You can feel him doing his magic 💚 i loved every minute of it. Such peace and tingly all over. Today I was vibrating when I woke up💜 thanks you guys again💚 and Veronica Schultz your soothing voice and energy is so loving and so soothing 💚
Thank you 😊 you guys are definitely amazing healers the real deal 🌸 ive had other sessions before with healers and it don’t even compare to you two not even a little bit close. I love you guys 💚💚” Bunny Lee Mock

I was diagnosed with advanced stage degenerative bone disease, also called degenerative disk disease. It’s a progressive disease and knew something in my neck wasn’t right, but dismissed for years; that is until I woke up with my head on my shoulder. There was so much damage, the muscles cramped pulling my head down to my shoulder. I couldn’t straighten it without horrible pain. The Dr said there is nothing we can do. I was given gabapentin to help with pain.

Veronica’s started me on her “Wake Up My Health” body cleanse and restore program which included her Herbal Therapies, TeraDeep and TeraNutra. She restored my pH balance, calcium levels, Vitamin and Mineral levels. Remove toxins and restore my Kidney’s and Liver and other organs.

Years of crud that were stuck to the walls of my intestines began to come out. I can imagine how this prevented my body from absorbing nutrients. At first I was skeptical. I believed in western medicine because that is what I grew up with. I had no idea the power herbs held until 3 weeks later when I was able to discontinue the gabapentin. A year later, I am 100% restored. I am grateful to be able to spend quality time without pain with my family and beautiful wife!


Eric Schultz, Maintenance Tech at Tesla Motors, Ca.”

Veronica, we appreciate YOUR amazing support keeping us healthy. You are an incredible witch with amazing potions ? I don’t know how you do what you do, but you sure do it well!

Jen has been taking Vaguvinate, and when I came home today, she said, “All of our women need to be taking the stuff! I feel amazing!” She has only  been taking it for a day… I have never seen her react that strongly in a positive way for any kind of supplement or herb or anything like that.
Very cool. Thanks for the update. we are so excited to start using all the stuff as a daily ritual. Will keep you posted on our  results! And we will definitely sell the hell out of this ?

Ben & Jen Rode

I have to tell you what happened today at the periodontist Veronica….I had my X-ray done for my teeth in July. It showed that I had severe bone loss in the lower back tooth and some in the front. There talks of me loosing that tooth. I contacted Veronica Schultz- my Herbal Therapist and asked for her tincture to grow back my bones. She made it for me. I took it semi consistently with the intention of regrowing my bone loss. Today, I went in to the periodontist for a deep gum/teeth cleaning. You know the one that everyone dread. The technician looked at my X-ray from July and asked me when I am scheduled to remove the tooth. I said I had no intention of removing it. She said it doesn’t look good you have severe bone loss there. I said “Yes I know”. And here is the fun part…. When she went in there to clean, she said “Hmmm it doesn’t look as bad as that X-Ray shows.” She held back from saying I think you can save your tooth. But I can see her mind and her mouth wanting to say it. HA!!!!! I am going to keep up my regiment of tincture and good cleaning. And we are going to save my teeth and my bone loss. Thanks Veronica!!!!

January 9th 2014 Update:
I just went back for a check up. the doctor said my teeth and gum has improved tremendously. He said “there is NO comparison”

OK Veronica Schultz are you ready for this one???? So we have been posting about how your TeraDeep to help me grow my bones for my teeth….I have more news…..I have been a little shy about really believing that it is working, right? I mean that is pretty bold to say, in less than 6 months, we managed to grow my bone in my jaw to hang on to my back tooth and my front teeth. My skeptical mind is still looking for doubt and inconclusive results.I was at breakfast with my daughter, and for some crazy reason, I started to wiggle my front tooth… and holy taco moly… my tooth is not wiggling anymore. It’s so much straighter and i can’t wiggle it anymore. 6 months ago, it felt like if I kept working at it, I could take it right out. Then I couldn’t stop. I had to check on my back tooth, to see how it is. (Meanwhile, my 12 yr old daughter is mortified that her mother has her mouth wide open, with my full hand digging at my back tooth). It’s solid. There is hardly any movement for that tooth either.

Dude!!! what’s in that stuff?!!! Can it really be true? that we can grow our bones back with just a few drops a day? I am totally stoked!!!!

March 3, 2014

Update: Well, it’s official. I had my check up and my teeth and bones are completely restored. The Peridontist didn’t want to give the tincture credit, so I didn’t waste my breath. March 2014

Mai Vu Coach

Thank you Veronica Schultz, Herbal Therapist, for your guidance (and specially made herbs) and support. Bless you for your help on my healing journey. Bless your incredible gifts and talents. Truly your herbs and guidance are invaluable Veronica


I woke up this morning thinking that I would rather die than to continue feeling the way that my body feels. No energy – my entire body felt like a cramp. I had trouble just walking a short distance this morning. I had a migraine – Aleve wouldn’t touch it. I received a box from Veronica and it had product in it that I desperately needed. I wasn’t aware that I needed it, but she was. I had told her to send what she felt best for me. I took a dropper full of her magnesium supplement and within 30 seconds I felt 25 years old again. My entire body released, my cramps were gone, my headache disappeared. I had a deep and serene peace to envelop my body, and I knew that my body had been deficient of magnesium. All of this happened within a minute. Then, I took the Rising Star Formula, and awareness and the new and unique ability to see things differently came over me. I feel as if Veronica saved my life today. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her to you enough. If you are having a body issue or need help with a problem, please do yourself a huge favor and give Veronica a chance to change your life. I never give testimonials unless I have tried and experienced immense change from a product. This is a miracle.


I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to a dear friend yesterday on the phone for hours discussing what I can do to heal my body from all the chemicals, toxins, and basically all the junk that its consumed over the last 40 years, that has caught up with me. There are products and formulas out there that your Doctors and Pharmacist would absolutely cringe at! Lets face the facts, what usually happens when you go to a doctor for pain or discomfort?, they prescribe you meds. How many regular physicians actually offer you alternatives to healing? They give you either a band-aid, or a prescription for an everyday regiment for the rest of your life, that usually have side effects that are worse than what you were originally seen for, where you will spend thousands of dollars and potentially your life savings that you worked so hard for. And we think, “That’s It” there’s no other alternative, so we do. This friend that I mentioned earlier is an herbalist and Wellness Coach who has taken the time to come up with alternatives to a better living. How many of us can benefit from this? I know I can and so can my family. I encourage you to check out her website and her formulas that target multiple symptoms and diseases we may incur. Her name is Veronica. This is her website, be sure to read testimonials including her husband Eric’s, who was her primary motivation.

 Ron Wienbar

Hi good people, my name is Felly and I am from Kenya. I would like to share the wonderful Coaching I received from Veronica. For a very long time I’ve been going through great pain in my legs, knees, and my whole body. I would feel as if something is pinching my whole body. In the morning when I wake up, stepping down was a problem. Sometimes for no reason, I felt like throwing up, and the color of my skin has changed and became pale.

I explained all this to Veronica Schultz, such a wonderful lady, and she told me I was dealing with malnutrition and my body was literally starving to death. She prescribed certain whole foods, supplements and gave me instructions to follow. Guess what people, its working!

This Coaching to “Wake Up Your Health” is the real deal and anyone with a problem should talk to her.

I will never regret that I asked for her help! The pain is not much, it is going away, and my skin color has changed completely – it’s looking lively again. Veronica, “you are God send”! God bless you so much for making my life go back to normal again.

Your friend,
Felly Makabira

June 25, 2014

I’ve just got to tell you, that TeraMale you hooked me up with is fabulous! Since I started taking it two weeks ago my golf has made a quantum improvement immediately. Now I am hitting the ball further than I have in years and scoring better. I have to adjust to this new resurgence in power because now I’m getting into trouble by hitting the ball too far much of the time. That’s a good thing.So we’ll still have to investigate the Yohimbe option for other parts of my life.

Keith Cuddleback


I’d just like to give a testimonial of the impact of the Coaching that is available to each of you right now. For years, I’ve battled overcoming the negative, destructive words of a Dad who was quite simply miserable in his own life, so felt he needed to tear his children down as well.As many times as I’ve prayed over the years to finally forgive him, even after he’s been deceased for 21 years now; his words of “not good enough”, “never going to amount to anything” etc still linger and control my perception of my own self-worth and abilities.After talking to Veronica Schultz tonight about each of us having certain fears and addressing them; I came away with a whole new outlook on everything, and am giving myself the permission to thrive in the areas that God has blessed me with (Influence and Leadership).I refuse to let what was spoken to me decades ago from a man who is now dead, to have any control over the blessings of what God wants to do in and through me. Thank you Veronica for taking what we often seem so complex, and breaking it down for me in bite size chunks that I can not only understand; but am also able to see how to take that and apply it to my life. Your friendship and coaching is priceless my friend and I thank God for allowing our paths to cross in this lifetime!Blessings, Danny Youngers

Going through programs like yours Veronica, is partially how I have been able to remove layer after layer of garbage out of my life. Each and every time, there is something more to be gained. My life has been and will continue to be changed by these kinds of programs.During this process, I started thinking of myself as a fearful wimp. Then an ah-ha occurred. I have faced many fears and many demons. I remembered stepping into the fear and coming out the other side okay. Then I would take on a bigger fear, and be okay. I was still alive. I had more understanding – BONUS! I love your quote, I love the quote: “Fear is just feedback.” Thomas Edison.I thought, if this is true, if I can get my mind to accept this, fear could be fun. … Incoming message, fear says “You have been in a similar situation that did not turn out well. Please take safety measures.” Response, “Message received. Taking memory into account. Analyzing. … This situation is not exactly like the previous one. I am not the person I was at that time. Thank you, for I believe I have the tools to get through this experience unscathed. Thank you for this wonderful program. Please continue making me aware of possible issues.”

Kelley C.W.

September 20 2014 Sylvia Venegas Bittick Veronica Schultz Veronica Schultz you helped me so much accepting life showing me how to move on.
<br>I’ve been asked how I deal with my loss, and I tell them about you, how you showed me life goes on but never forgotten. I know the 18th is this week and it’ll make 4 years since I lost my babies. To me it will always feels like it was yesterday around this time of the year. I want to thank you for being there for me. I don’t know how to express my graduated my friend
Sylvia Venegas Bittick
September of 2010 I lost my two teen children ages 17 and 19 in a car accident. The driver of their car sped recklessly around a turn, losing control of the vehicle. Their car flipped many times before coming to rest upside down at the bottom of a full water canal. I was devastated.My babies were gone and I felt so lost. It didn’t take long before the days blurred together; the numbness and tears seemed to be a constant and unwanted companion. I didn’t want to leave my room or my bed.This is when I met My Life Coach, Veronica Schultz, “The Soul Whisperer”. Through our sessions, she helped me recognize that my identity was wrapped up in my babies. It wasn’t long before she helped me find myself again. She helped me learn to manage my pain in a healthy way… and she always kept me encouraged and uplifted. Those times when felt like I was spiraling downwards, retreating inwards, she pulled me out and steadied me. Many times I didn’t know how to express my pain and worries.She helped me find the words to express that were so important for me to hear. As time went by, I realized she was training me to hear the whispers of my soul. I started to get back into life, go out with family and friends and find joy again. I still have moments where I cry, even break down. It’s to be expected.But Veronica has given me the tools to come out of those moments rather quickly.In January 2011 I returned to work. It was the second week after returning that my coworker approached me, she was astounded that I was able to move back into work like I did. “You’re so strong”, she said. Then she talked about our friend who lost their child and how she fell apart. You look and act different she said… and wondered who I was seeing. I told her I had a life coach. Come to think about it, I was surprised with her remark, because we don’t often see ourselves the way others can; but what an amazing tribute to Veronica’s love, patience and ability to help others.I am so grateful Veronica has helped me move through this horrendous circumstance, which is done by taking one day at a time. I’m convinced that if I had Veronica when I went through my divorce, it would not have taken me two years find some semblance of mind.

~Sylvia Bittick,

USPS Worker, Bay Area Ca

Peace is accepting who you are, loving others freely without expecting a reward for it, and forgiving yourself when you do something wrong, doing something because you want to, accepting others the way they are made and appreciating their differences, MOST OF ALL accepting that God loves you the way you are.Before I came to know and embrace this peace, my life was full of regrets, guilt, low self-esteem, anger and pain. My facebook friend Veronica posted her website on facebook where she talked about, her gift and all that she could do. Among the list of the things she could help you find where: Inner peace, Healthy relationship and self-worth.Veronica offered to help me and all I had to do is set the time. We meet on Skype due to the distance me being in Africa and I told her I needed help with Inner peace, Healthy relationship, and self-worth.I used to control my relationship with being nice to my friends and go an extra mile to please them. In that, when they didn’t give back to me the kind of friendship that I expected, I would get angry with myself or feel guilty for doing something wrong to them or not doing enough. I would get easily offended with people and very good at pointing out their wrongs. Life to me was not fair. I tried so much to please people but didn’t get what I wanted. When it came to God, I always came to him with so much guilt of things I have not done and wrong things I did.My life was full of guilt all the way around and, all I knew was, how to get peace through acts like fasting or asking someone to pray for me who is more deserving.I always thought God loved some people more than I and I thought something was wrong with me. I moved within many churches looking for answers and boy each church has its different take on circumstances but, all the churches pointed me to things I had to do and prayers I had to pray once. I did them for a few days and failed to continue but then felt very guilty for not finishing what I had to do, which meant I could not get the answers to my prayers.As we talked with Veronica helped me find the root cause of guilt and guided me on how to deal with it, helped me discover more about myself and other people and also the wrong beliefs that made me guilty all the time. I got a lot of knowledge from this coaching for which am putting to use. I see a better person developing every day, one that I had wished for once upon a time, but now learning to just be me and Love me more. It is so relieving to approach God without fear, knowing that He loves me and that there are no expectations within our relationship.
I have hope that there are great things and great relationships developing. I am living, loving and enjoying one day at time. Suzan Asangire

A month or so ago I got the Thyroid blend from this site which belongs to my friend and herbalist Veronica Schultz. The reason I suspected my thyroid was not working up to par is, as my friend Steven Anthony who is a health coach mentioned to me, my body temperature was consistently lower than 98.6 by several degrees.In taking this blend daily, not only do I feel over all better, but my pants are all getting baggy… I have lost 5 lbs without doing anything….and my body temp tests normal again.

Reordering today!

Also speaking of boosting your immune system…… if you are looking for all natural products you can count on the quality of, check out my friend Veronica Schultz’s site, H.A.N.And… their lip glosses cause duck face…. why? cause they smell so good I keep trying to smell my own lips.
I’ve used LipKiss for several days now and it’s official.. Totally in love with your LipKiss Gloss… Thank you!!

Sarah Julie Barendse
November 15, 2014

Good morning Veronica! I woke up today feeling good and the pain level down to a 3. So I am a happy camper and sooooo grateful to you, TeraDeepTeraNutra and Comfort Oil and your generosity in helping me heal!! Xo   Good morning friends just wanted to thank everyone for their love and prayers I was in a serious car accident that shattered my shoulder and cracked ribs in addition to other things! I had shoulder replacement surgery yesterday and I am Day 4 of being here. The pain has been extremely difficult and I am not able to talk to everyone that has called. Just know I am grateful to all of you Ill be back soon xo- C
~Charlyn Mentor — at Manatee Memorial Hospital.

UPDATE: August 20, 2015

Hi Veronica, Good news. I was at the dentist today. Very positive news , Oral surgery is not an issue anymore. The Dentist was very surprised and said : “This I had not expected .” Very good news! I have no words to express how grateful I am for the TeraDeep! Thank you so much!


Thanks so much for the extraordinary services and support. I am so grateful for your herbs and that you deliver to my latitudes (North of Sweden) Kerstin Hofgren

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