Are you feeling stuck? Do your emotions feel all over the place and nothing you do brings balance? Are you frustrated and feeling overwhelmed? Do you fight way to much with others and say mean things to those you love and can’t seem to stop? There is nothing worse than looking at those we love and hurt deeply because of the harsh way we handled them.

The energetic level of high frequency of the consciousness shifts quite fast, it often is referred to Energetic Field Hopping. As we step out of our comfort zone we cause a process to be set into motion, we tend to forget that our existence: Mental, Physical and the Emotional body need to follow. We have the choice to dance the dance or prolong and avoid it until the universe of Law of Attraction delivers the necessary People/Situation/Triggers that kick us into place. These uncomfortable steps into the fear zone triggers emotions, this helps the necessary basis for that energetic shift.

I will help you shift your energy from pain to bliss, from anger to clarity. But first let’s clear all the sh*t that is keeping you from finding it. In a Release Session I will help YOU begin the process of mucking your stalls so you can gain the new perspective you know you need!

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