JourneyAwakens Toothpowder 1200
JourneyAwakens Toothpowder 1200

Rode Toothpowder

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Super – Simple – Natural
A 4 oz jar of Rode toothpowder you can feel good about using. This jar of toothpowder can last several months.


Product Description

Rode Toothpowder 4 oz jar of amazing toothpowder

Super – Simple – Natural
A toothpowder you can feel good about using.


I’m pretty blown away by this tooth powder I’ve been using–who posts about toothpaste, LOL? But if you like REALLY clean teeth–like how it feels right after you’ve gotten your teeth cleaned, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

It’s handmade by Veronica Schultz. All ingredients are good for you; no SLS or flouride, etc.

Sally Jenkins and I discovered this through our friends Ben and Jen Rode (it’s actually called Rode Toothpowder) and it’s the best toothpaste we’ve ever used. So I’m recommending this highly for all my organic, super-conscious friends who won’t put anything toxic in their body or on their skin, gums, etc. Sharla Jacobs

Additional Information


100% Natural toothpowder. No chemicals or flouride

Aditional Information

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate powder, Baking Soda, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, and or Cloves, Wintergreen or peppermint leaves

Warning: DO NOT breathe in powder

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