Are you looking to get control of your health? To love you more? To feel better and even lose weight? Are you tired of dealing with a health issue that drains your energy, makes you feel hopeless? Do you find yourself, living with, putting up with pain and discomfort every single day?

There is NO need for YOU to LIVE this way any longer!

I work with women who are suffering with health challenges that have snowballed into many conditions and or symptoms, like body & joint pain, unexplained weight issues, stomach bloating, autoimmune conditions, and lowered immunity.

Let’s STOP your health issues from chiseling away your energy and performance and your connection with other people. It takes away your ability to stop doing things that you’d like to do. We help you move into a beautiful healthful space using natural approaches and support.

Going on 50 yrs wise and almost completely menopausal, I was worried I’d be heavy and sick for the rest of my life. I mean even my Dr told me at age 45 I was getting old and to buck up. I said pffft, there are 75 yr wise people running marathons, don’t tell me I’m getting old. There are so many stories floating around out there that, at the time, because I didn’t know any better, made me believe that we get old, we feel old and get fat and then die. Damn, what a disheartening message. Thank my Lord, He showed me a new way. It wasn’t without struggle to get here though. I shed many tears on my journey, but now that I am here, I can show you what I’ve learned and help you achieve the same health success I have. Where is here? Good question…

  1. I have reversed my diabetes.
  2. I have reversed my hypothyroidism/hashimoto’s.
  3. No more high blood pressure.
  4. My hair grew back.
  5. I got younger looking.
  6. So far, I’ve lost 75 lbs. I used to wear size 28. Now I am an XL.
  7. I used to take mid day naps. Now I run for 14 hours before I crash.
  8. Brain fog has cleared.
  9. My leaky gut is still healing. This is a long journey.

Would you like to feel this way and see these kind of changes in you or a loved one?

Part of my journey was to create this amazing program I am calling “Positive Pulse”. It’ll take you through 3 phases.

  1. First phase is the pre-cleanse. This will help prepare your body begin to heal itself.
  2. Second phase gives your body a chance to recover from the onslaught of toxins not only from food, but environmental too, relieve you from internal inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all that you are suffering. I extended my second phase for 2.5 months.
  3. Third phase helps you discover which foods are causing this inflammation, giving you the knowledge of which foods to remove and which to enjoy.

You can expect to see glowing skin, enjoy wonderful sleep and have endless energy. This may be a tough journey, but when did a little hardship stop you from doing what is best for you? Plus with me at your side, being committed to helping you get there, you will have success.

Here are your 4 options, which are below…

Positive Pulse
20 Minute Health Guidance
Taking Shape
$300 Monthly membership for the calls and private online group support
Wise and Well
Monthly membership for the calls and private online group support

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