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Onion on the Feet and Vicks up the Butt for the Flu! Good ol Cold and flu remedies. This is my posts from >>Facebook<< JOIN ME there! Want to get over the flu fast? This sure helped me feel better within 24 hours!

(16 hrs ago) Just yesterday my butt felt like it was going to blow up from diarrhea. Seriously, it was painful! Today my stomach feels nasty, fever and body aches. When I go lay back down, I’ll put a slice of organic onion on the bottom of my feet to absorb toxins. I’ll update you on how it’s working later on today. Xoxo It’s amazing how cold those onion slices feel to my feet. Like I got the onion from the fridge and I didn’t. The onions made my feet feel itchy too. It was just a weird experience. Weird, yes, but I’ll do it again!

(3 hours ago) So I told you that I fell ill to the flu. Nausea, body aches, diarrhea, fever. I went to bed with an onion on the soles of my feet and when I awoke I put a dab of vicks up my butt. I feel a lot better tonight. Was even able to eat dinner. Here is an amazing article for onions. http://healthybliss.net/healing-power-of-onions-can-onions-absorb-bacteria-viruses-and-flu/

EucalyptusTreecampho13-l(17 minutes ago) I’ve been asked why I slept with onions on my feet and put vicks up my butt to get over the flu. Onion, especially white onion, is known for absorbing streptococci and flu germs. Putting those on my feet helped to pull out from my body, toxins and whatever was making me sick. The vicks has Camphor and Eucalyptus in it. These two oils pack a punch, amazing! I would’ve never thought of putting vicks up my butt if it wasn’t for my friend. Eucalyptus which kills bacteria and fights infection. And Camphor… WOW! is an effective stimulant, which boosts the activity of the circulatory system, metabolism, digestion, secretion and excretion. This property helps in treating problems and ailments associated with improper circulation, digestion, sluggish or overactive metabolic rates, obstructed secretions, and a wide variety of other less common conditions. It is also a Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Insecticide, and Germicide. If you get baby vicks, it is purer and gentler for those who have sensitive tushes. It also has Lavender which is a natural antiseptic and is calming.

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  • FredFuchs Posted 15th April 2014 9:32 am

    Ghost pepper enemas work well for colds and flu. The capsaicin is a natural anti inflammatory.

    • veronica Posted 16th April 2014 12:55 pm

      Anyone unfamiliar with enemas it could sound scary to put hot peppers up the butt, however, our commenter makes a valid point. Check out this article written by Glenn Reschke Thank you for sharing your tip. http://www.cayennepepper.info/cayenne-pepper-enemas.html

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