MSM Benefits

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what-is-msmMSM benefits and why is it important to us.

Msm is a naturally occurring chemical in our body. We get it from freshly picked plants. The amount needed is lost as we get older and eat less healthy, but we can replace it with an MSM supplement. It helps with our connective tissues, cell membrane permeability and metabolism.
It helps with chronic pain
The types of pain which have been treated successfully with MSM include:

Personal injury due to accidents, burns, etc.
Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Lower back pains
Headaches, migraines
Muscle aches
Tennis elbows and other sports injuries
Carpal Syndrome
RSI (Repititive Strain Injury)
Scars due to burns, operations, accidents, etc.

It is an antioxidant and detoxifies. It helps with allergies, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases, cancer and parasite, Diabetes, constipation, muscle soreness and cramps and lung dysfunction.. It is a wonderful supplement.
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