How To Find Relief From Menopausal and PMS Symptoms

Ladies silhoutte butterflyMenopausal and PMS symptoms are real and they are NOT normal. If you’ve heard otherwise, you’ve been misinformed. Ever since you can remember, your body has healed itself when you got a cut or scrape, broke a bone or even got sick. Your body knows how to regenerate and perform beautifully. It’s programming to do so is in your DNA. So why are you struggling with these issues? Night sweats, cramps, moodiness, bloating, heavy periods?
Our world exposes us to many toxins that have built up in our bodies. These toxins have clogged up our filtering organs, the kidney and liver. And they have unbalanced our hormones. Unbalanced hormones is the culprit to many health problems if left unchecked. It can lead to autoimmune diseases like thyroiditis. Now it’s important to note, despite the information fed to us through multimedia and commercials that one supplement does not work well. Your body needs balance and that means it needs to be balanced in your vitamins and minerals as well. I’m a fan of herbal vitamins, because it’s real food.
Make sure you are not Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Calcium deficient as well.

So ladies, here is what you do for yourselves and gentleman, this is what you can do to help your gal… Kidney & Liver Detox Tea

1. Order the Adrenal, Kidney, Liver detox and repair tea from 

2. Order either the Vaguvinate or Kwao Krua kao. How do you pick? Read what they do and let your soul guide your choice. This will help balance the hormones. Vaguvinate (2)Kwao Krua Kao (2)

3. Pick up Maca Root from your local health food store. This will help balance hormones and supply minerals, amino acids and vitamins

4. For calcium get acerola cherry or rose hips tea at your local health food store

Magnesium Supplement5. For Magnesium, get magnesium chloride from or get magnesium oil from your local health food store. You will use the magnesium oil on your skin and as a foot soak.

6. I like swanson vitamin d3. It’s the purest I’ve found and until I find something better, that’s what me and my family uses.

7. Herbal Vitamin, TeraNutra is available at TeraNutra

If this information has been helpful please let me know and feel free to share.


Veronica Schultz
Herbal Therapist

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