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I am thrilled to have you here. Let’s get ready to take your health and happiness to another level. Are you as excited as I am?

Let’s get started:

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  • Start at “Let’s Begin” and then I suggest looking at the At a Glance ( we will link this “at a glance” to the page in your site), as this provides you with a daily step-by-step protocol for Phases 2 and 3. It also includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for Phases 2 and 3 that are also in the Suggested Meals guide.
  • Look at the Suggested Meals and Shopping List and note what you need to buy for Phases 2 and 3 of this program.
  • You will find the detox support tools in your Guide to reduce unwanted detox symptoms, as well as tips and tricks for making this program simple.
  • You can add protein to any meal. See your Approved Protein section in the Guide. You can also choose from a variety of snacks in your Recipe Guide if you’re hungry in between meals.
  • Your Recipe Guide contains over 50 recipes so feel free to exchange meals or cook meals in batches to make your life easier.
  • Start prepping for success the moment you download your materials by reviewing what you need for Phase 1 (the prep/pre-program phase), which is where we reduce and eliminate processed foods and foods on the DO NOT EAT list.
  • Get into the mindset of healthfulness as you embark on this life-changing journey.


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I created this program because I’ve been in your shoes and it was a struggle to really understand what being “healthy” meant. I had very little training while I was growing up on what healthy eating was or looked like.

As I grew older I had no clue or care for the harm that my diet and lifestyle choices were causing to my body. And because of this I developed chronic health issues.

Digestive issues surfaced later on in life. Then things just went down hill with my health from there. I gained 100lbs, I developed a very bad allergy to wheat and other foods. I was diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid issues, high cholesterol to name a few and I began to struggle emotionally, I became depressed. It began to affect my marriage and the way I raised my children.

There was a time I felt really lost.

I was so angry and had absolutely NO idea why.

My path took me down the road to discover why I was so angry. The guidance I received during this journey helped me become my own person, strong and lovely.

It was a painful but beautiful time of growth and independence. I began to realize that losing weight was so much more than finding a diet that would give results, yeah the weight came off but didn’t stay off. It didn’t help that I turned to comfort foods when I got overly stressed.

It was a diagnosis my husband was given that opened my eyes!

The day my eyes were opened to the power that herbs, food and lifestyle had on my mind and body… EVERYTHING CHANGED!

I have turned my life around over the last few years and now the pounds are coming off and I wake up ready to take on the day. My husband and I are enjoying the amazing health we have and feel great.

And yes, my husband no longer has that issue and is completely whole.

I just had to share this with everyone I could help so I opened up my practice as a herbal therapist and health coach to help YOU do the same!

No one deserves to feel unhappy or live with pain, so I have committed my life to paying it forward and help YOU become the most fabulous version of yourself that you have always imagined!

You are going to experience better sleep, more energy, radiant skin and so much more. Are you ready for this kind of journey? YES….you are and you deserve to feel fabulous and live the life you’ve always wanted and more.

I am so excited to share my love for clean eating, and healthy life habits with you.

Lots of love,


What they are my clients saying………

Hi good people, my name is Felly and I am from Kenya. I would like to share the wonderful Coaching I received from Veronica. For a very long time I’ve been going through great pain in my legs, knees, and my whole body. I would feel as if something is pinching my whole body. In the morning when I wake up, stepping down 534684_254833527976186_357509986_n was a problem. Sometimes for no reason, I felt like throwing up, and the color of my skin has changed and became pale.

I explained all this to Veronica Schultz, such a wonderful lady, and she told me I was dealing with malnutrition and my body was literally starving to death. She prescribed certain whole foods, supplements and gave me instructions to follow. Guess what people, its working!

This Coaching to “Wake Up My Health” is the real deal and anyone with a problem should talk to her.

I will never regret that I asked for her help! The pain is not much, it is going away, and my skin color has changed completely – it’s looking lively again. Veronica, “you are God send”! God bless you so much for making my life go back to normal again.

Your friend,

Felly Makabira

My name is Ayieks Maka, I am a self-employed professional from Africa. For some time, I have cold feet, weakness, dizziness, and a fast beating heart that causes me to lose my breath. Recently, my concern has grown Ayieks-Maka so much so that I reached out to Veronica for her Health Coaching. Veronica Schultz understood what was happening to me just by asking a few questions. It was divinely spiritual. She told me it was malnutrition and gave me a plan to follow.

It was easy for me to understand and easy to do. It’s been several weeks now and with so much joy, I can say that all of my symptoms are gone..

Thank you Veronica, for your guidance. It has been a God send.Love, Peace and Blessings,

Ayieks Maka

I was diagnosed with advanced stage degenerative bone disease. It’s a progressive disease and knew something in my neck wasn’t right, client-3 but dismissed it until I woke up with my head on my shoulder, It was stuck and I couldn’t straighten it without horrible pain. The Dr said there is nothing we can do. I was given gabapentin to help with pain. Veronica’s started me on her “Wake Up My Health” Detox and Restore program which included Herbal Therapies, TeraDeep and TeraNutra. She restored my pH balance, calcium levels, Vitamin and Mineral levels. Remove toxins and restore my Kidney’s and Liver and other organs. Years of crud that were stuck to the walls of my intestines began to come out. I can imagine how this prevented my body from absorbing nutrients. At first I was skeptical. I believed in western medicine because that is what I grew up with. I had no idea the power herbs held until 3 weeks later when I was able to discontinue the gabapentin. A year later, I am 95% restored. I am grateful to be able to spend quality time without pain with my grandson!

Eric Schultz

Veronica, we appreciate YOUR amazing support keeping us healthy. You are an incredible witch with amazing potions 🙂 I don’t know client-4 how you do what you do, but you sure do it well!

Jen has been taking Vaguvinate, and when I came home today, she said, “All of our women need to be taking the stuff! I feel amazing!” She has only been taking it for a day… I have never seen her react that strongly in a positive way for any kind of supplement or herb or anything like that.
Very cool. We are so excited to start using all the stuff as a daily ritual. Will keep you posted on our results! And we will definitely sell the hell out of this 🙂

Vaguvinate and Vagigi Oil

Jen Rode
Jen Rode I love this product, it’s wonderful and super healing!
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Ben Rode
Ben Rode Yes. This stuff is magical. Pure and simple magic.

I bought Veronica’s detox and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that I loved how it made me feel. I always felt embarrassed of the way my body looked. Last winter I decided to take control of the way I looked. I finally decided that I was worth it. I always felt like if I spent time on myself that my family would feel neglected…it was the opposite! My family loved seeing me happier and they loved my new outlook on life! I will never go back!”

Jenny R.

I woke up this morning thinking that I would rather die than to continue feeling the way that my body feels. No energy – my entire body felt like a cramp. I had trouble just walking a short distance this morning. I had a migraine – Aleve wouldn’t touch it. I received a box from Veronica and it had product in it that I desperately needed. I wasn’t aware that I needed it, but she was. I had told her to send what she felt best for me. I took a dropper full of her magnesium supplement and within 30 seconds I felt 25 years old again. My entire body released, my cramps were gone, my I had a deep and serene peace to envelop my body, and I knew that my body had been deficient of magnesium. All of this happened within a minute. Then, I took the Rising Star Formula, and awareness and the new and unique ability to see things differently came over me. I feel as if Veronica saved my life today. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her to you enough. If you are having a body issue or need help with a problem, please do yourself a huge favor and give Veronica a chance to change your life. I never give testimonials unless I have tried and experienced immense change from a product. This is a miracle.

Thank you Veronica!!!

Jay V.

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