Are you a female professional that feels overwhelmed not knowing what your next step is? Do you feel like you’re standing on the edge of your vision and desires yet fear you’ll fail if you reach for it?

We help pinpoint where you are on your path, gaining clarity, so you feel the confidence to stand in your power, harness your plans, and kick-start them into action.


Before we knew it, our family was hip deep into my son Stephen’s Meth problem.

It wasn’t long before his Meth took over his life and his choices were now ruled by this addiction. The day we went to pick up the car he stole was the turning point in my life, his dad’s life and Stephen’s life

His dad and I drove away with our car and left Stephen there, 2 hours from home, with just a jacket – with no money, no food, no water; just the clothes on his back. Driving away, leaving him there was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Once home I felt empty, broken, lost and powerless to do anything.

Maybe you have felt that way too… maybe your child isn’t on meth but you are working 24/7 to make ends meet and you are exhausted. Maybe your marriage is dissolving and the pain is just so heart wrenching.

Well, wallowing wasn’t getting me anywhere and a week later my husband said to me that life must go on, find a way to live it.

I had to bring myself to the place to accept that I might get one of 2 phone calls; One to ask me to come identify my son’s body or two, my son calling me asking if he can come home. Maybe you’ve faced a situation just as terrifying as I did. It can be frightening. But I reached inside of myself, the deepest I could reach and found the strength I needed. I found a way to move on and begin planning my life. I had to give my son the permission to choose the way he wanted to live his life, even if that meant dying.

This was my nightmare

When I heeded my husbands words, I reconnected with myself and my inner guidance system being able to then tap into clarity and identify and eliminate the repeated patterns I fell into.

We work with female professionals who feel disconnected with their inner guidance system. Their dreams and desires are at their fingertips, yet they fear they’ll fail getting what they truly desire if they reach for it. We help pinpoint where they are on their path, gaining clarity so their inner-guidance directs them.

It was scary to feel so lost with my inner guidance. I was constantly putting my son’s poor choices and needs before my own and this shut me off from my ability to feel confident, especially for my desires and dreams.


My vision explains the journey we help you take when you expand into courage to move forward. It’s a beautiful process which brings you to a new level within your life.

In my vision, I saw myself standing at a 4-way light intersection. I didn’t sense anyone else was around me. Source pointed out the other side of the street asking me to make my way there. Once I reached the other side, Source asked me to turn around and see where I came from. I stood there looking at the busy intersection when I noticed the people. They were walking the other way. I was curious why they weren’t coming this way? Then I noticed out of my peripheral vision one person waving, trying to get my attention. “Hello” she called out over the noise of the street. “How did you get over there?” That’s when it hit me, I know how to guide her, I just came from that way. I looked up to answer her and the vision ended.

Let us help you WIN the struggle because we’ve been there!

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