All the pain and all the hurt is the programming of the imagination

This is the best time to keep your mind open for all possibilities to happen, the good, the bad, the ugly

Are YOU Thriving?

If you’re ready to feel the much needed support coming to you in all areas of your life, step into clarity and stop living the repeated events that keep you wondering WHY your life feels like a nightmarish reality, then let us help you start seeing the heavenly signs that have been trying to guide you into a life of joy and abundance.




Are you ready for a Massive Life Shift?

Would you give anything to feel EMPOWERED, SUPPORTED and ready to be YOU?

Ros says, “I have taken on board what they have said and it has changed my life immensely. I am the happiest and most contented in my life than I ever have been. I live in Australia and wish I lived closer to them to receive more learning. Their energy is so enlightening.”

Jessica says “I had a few readings and activations done by the mother and son duo, and completely opened my mind to a new way of seeing things. I then booked a broom appointment and am so incredibly happy I did. All the negative cords that were weighing me down were removed and immediately after felt this huge weight lift from me. The following days right after I felt more and more of a negative energy release and have been much more happier since. Also, I was in the process of quitting cigarettes and a few days after my broom, I didn’t even want one!! It completely changed my life and I can’t wait to book my next broom session. I HIGHLY recommend Veronica and Stephen for your spiritual healing needs!!!”

I’ve battled overcoming the negative, destructive words of a Dad

I’d just like to give a testimonial of the impact of the Coaching that is available to each of you right now. For years, I’ve battled overcoming the negative, destructive words of a Dad who was quite simply miserable in his own life, so felt he needed to tear his children down as well.As many times as I’ve prayed over the years to finally forgive him, even after he’s been deceased for 21 years now; his words of “not good enough”, “never going to amount to anything” etc still linger and control my perception of my own self-worth and abilities.After talking to Veronica Schultz tonight about each of us having certain fears and addressing them; I came away with a whole new outlook on everything, and am giving myself the permission to thrive in the areas that God has blessed me with (Influence and Leadership).I refuse to let what was spoken to me decades ago from a man who is now dead, to have any control over the blessings of what God wants to do in and through me. Thank you Veronica for taking what we often seem so complex, and breaking it down for me in bite size chunks that I can not only understand; but am also able to see how to take that and apply it to my life. Your friendship and coaching is priceless my friend and I thank God for allowing our paths to cross in this lifetime!Blessings,

~Danny Youngers

It’s time to put your needs first and stand in your own complete LOVE of self!

We teach to BELIEVE in the EMPOWERMENT of loving your inner-self, to EMBRACE the forgiveness, to SURRENDER to your life’s purpose and abundance. 

It’s your turn to receive the BEST life has to offer. The days are over that women lay down their life and put everyone else first. No one can truly benefit from YOUR giving unless you are centered, balanced and you appreciate, love and accept wholeheartedly yourself first!

It’s YOUR turn Sweet One! Give yourself the GIFT of life that brings joy and positivity!

Stop living the repetitive nightmare of continuously giving of yourself and thereby neglecting your own needs and wants.

Sheena says,

“I had a BROOM session this morning with these two amazing beings and I wanted to share the immediate effects I felt from that session.

My hands were tingling about 5-8mins before the session began, during the session I felt lighter especially around my chest area and then felt slight numbness in my legs and tingles in my feet. I began to breathe more deeply.

For about 7 months I had a pain in the ball of my root foot that came from nowhere. I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk properly, sort of like plantar faschitis. I would have to limp along until I could walk without limping.

When I got off the bed after the session had ended, I was able to stand without feeling huge amounts of pain in my foot and able to walk normally again! My legs feel way better and I can feel my calves again as I contract the muscles. I hadn’t walked the same again over the last 7 months and now i feel that issue has been resolved.

Although I’m a big lady I don’t feel heavy in my body anymore. I’m looking forward to receiving knowledge from my guides to be able to be of service to humanity    I am truly humbled and very appreciative of this mother and son duo for their love and service and I highly recommend their service if you are contemplating having a session with them. With much love and appreciation Mauri Ora!!”



♥ A GIFT from our heart to yours 

Nancy says,

“Veronica and Stephen has made a huge impact in my life their guidance has awakened me”



When our first message came in asking us to teach them what we know, how to be joyful and positive like we are, we were surprised. Since then, many other messages much like that one has come to us. You want our positivity and our JOY.


You wondered, “no matter what’s going on, or what I’ve been through, can I always feel JOYFUL and positive?” Then you saw us and knew it was possible. You want we got! We want what we got too! We love being like this. We don’t hide our true selves. If you’ve been fortune enough to see our ego’s come out on the lives, then you’ve seen we don’t turn off the video, we don’t hide from you, we deal with it right there. And truly you see it, because the comments come in “ok, be nice, no fighting” etc. But we want you to see how we deal even with the shadow side of ourselves. So We talked, planned and came up with the things you see below. Now you know we don’t hold back, so you can expect us to show and teach you many things above and beyond what is here.

  • We will show you how to release the negative thoughts that plague you
  • How to accept and love yourself fully
  • How to change your thoughts in a positive way
  • How to stand in the face of negativity and remain centered, standing in your truth and power
  • How to deal with the shadow when it rises and remain calm


  • How to tap into your gifts, into the spiritual realm
  • How to find your room in the great hall
  • We will clear you using our BROOM technique
  • Show you what lifetimes are causing you challenges this lifetime, what happened and clear them too
  • Find out more about the BROOM here

Massive Life Shift Offers

ONE-ON-ONE with Stephen and Veronica

3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year coaching programs

  • 1 Intensive BROOM Experience
  • 45 min: Massive Life Shift Mentoring 1/wk – 3x month
  • 3 Month – 6 month – 1 Year Programs
  • 1x Month: Q&A with our groups
  • 1x Month Meditation or Healing session 30-45 min with our groups
  • Unlimited support in WhatsApp (during open hours)

GROUP COACHING with Stephen and Veronica

3, 6, 9 month and 1 year Programs

  • Initial Intensive BROOM Exp – 30min – 2hr. 1st month
  • Supportive BROOM Exp Sessions. 1 ea consecutive month 30min
  • 45 Min: Massive Life Shift Sessions 1/wk -3x month
  • 45-60 Min: Q&A: 1 ea month
  • 30-45 Min: Meditation Or Other Healing Class 1 every other month
  • Unlimited support on WhatsApp (during open hours)

Through the BROOM Experience we will take you through your past story, helping you to clear the pages of the karmic contracts you have written for yourself, this helps to rewire your brain to think in a different way, which then helps you make the steps you want in your life.

The BROOM Experience helps move you from lack to abundance, energetically aligning you with the universes energy which we also know to be called the LAW OF ATTRACTION. As your soul makes this shift, your vibration transitions more like the universe itself, and so you start to experience yourself as a valued part of the whole that is completely supported in its desire to express infinity in a unique way, erasing any feelings of abandonment and separation. Instead, you feel purpose and inspiration return to your bloodstream; you feel alive and powerful again.

We will help you shift your energy from pain to bliss, from anger to clarity. Schedule a session with us so we can help you feel more vibrant and alive

The MASSIVE LIFE SHIFT Coaching will continue to help you shift from one mindset to another, bringing you closer to your goal. Women have such a deep and nurturing heart that they often find themselves left dry of any love and energy to accomplish their dreams and goals, and that is if they have gotten past the guilt of thinking they deserve to be happy like that. The energies in earth have shifted, bringing up the powerful feminine energies for leadership in any facet that calls to your soul. We will help you move into this space and love who you become while doing it.

Be the Leader, the mom, the wife, the sister, the CEO, the friend you dream of!

If you’ve had the pleasure of watching our LIVE Card Readings and Activations on Facebook, then you like many others, may have seen our authenticity, JOY and humor. We’ve even shared our stories.

Veronica’s childhood was littered with abuse, control, and manipulation. Children have a difficult time processing these types of traumas. It left Veronica feeling lost, alone, secluded, unable to trust or enjoy intimacy with others (even her husband). It strained her relationship with her children as well (Stephen included). You may have experienced childhood trauma as well, except maybe yours was growing up in a single parent home, a foster home, or something even more painful.

Stephen and I have healed so much that we enjoy our relationship with each other, many others and many of you too. We are thrilled with the thought of teaching what we know, helping others to to feel the joys of peace even when they’re alone.

If this speaks to you, reach out to us for a MASSIVE LIFE SHIFT CONSULT – our gift from our heart to yours. Come experience what it is like to work with us.

lost my two teen children ages 17 and 19 in a car accident

September 20 2014 Veronica Schultz you helped me so much accepting life showing me how to move on.
I’ve been asked how I deal with my loss, and I tell them about you, how you showed me life goes on but never forgotten. I know the 18th is this week and it’ll make 4 years since I lost my babies. To me it will always feels like it was yesterday around this time of the year. I want to thank you for being there for me. I don’t know how to express my graduated my friend

September of 2010 I lost my two teen children ages 17 and 19 in a car accident. The driver of their car sped recklessly around a turn, losing control of the vehicle. Their car flipped many times before coming to rest upside down at the bottom of a full water canal. I was devastated.My babies were gone and I felt so lost. It didn’t take long before the days blurred together; the numbness and tears seemed to be a constant and unwanted companion. I didn’t want to leave my room or my bed.

This is when I met My Life Coach, Veronica Schultz, “The Soul Whisperer”. Through our sessions, she helped me recognize that my identity was wrapped up in my babies. It wasn’t long before she helped me find myself again. She helped me learn to manage my pain in a healthy way… and she always kept me encouraged and uplifted. Those times when felt like I was spiraling downwards, retreating inwards, she pulled me out and steadied me.

Many times I didn’t know how to express my pain and worries.

She helped me find the words to express that were so important for me to hear.

As time went by, I realized she was training me to hear the whispers of my soul. I started to get back into life, go out with family and friends and find joy again. I still have moments where I cry, even break down. It’s to be expected. But Veronica has given me the tools to come out of those moments rather quickly.

In January 2011 I returned to work. It was the second week after returning that my coworker approached me, she was astounded that I was able to move back into work like I did. “You’re so strong”, she said. Then she talked about our friend who lost their child and how she fell apart. You look and act different she said… and wondered who I was seeing. I told her I had a life coach. Come to think about it, I was surprised with her remark, because we don’t often see ourselves the way others can; but what an amazing tribute to Veronica’s love, patience and ability to help others.I am so grateful Veronica has helped me move through this horrendous circumstance, which is done by taking one day at a time. I’m convinced that if I had Veronica when I went through my divorce, it would not have taken me two years find some semblance of mind.

~Sylvia Bittick,

USPS Worker, Bay Area Ca





Do we offer specialized Programs?

Yes, we offer “Product and Services Licensing” programs and Train-the-Trainer programs are available for qualified organizations.”

Is this only for coaches or business owners?

No way! We’ve worked with everyone from coaches, Social Media Managers, Designers, Agency Owners, Authors, Bloggers, Lawyers, TV Personalities, CEO’s and Health Professionals.

How do I schedule sessions with you guys?

As a private client, you’ll be provided with a link to my calendar where you can book your sessions. Sessions are held during the first three weeks of each month.

What if I’m not super clear on my purpose yet?

That’s okay! Often I see clients shift (or completely change) their idea  of who they are as we get clearer on the impact they want to make and lifestyle they want to lead.

Do you only work with women?

NO WAY! We work with anyone, regardless of gender identity, who is ready to transform their life and business.

How do I know if this is for me?

If you want to see your life and business turn around then this is for you.

Have more questions? Book a discovery call here.

Can you guarantee specific results?

We deeply believe in our ability to create lasting transformation in our clients and assist them in creating an amazing life. I will empower and equip you with every tool needed to create the desired change, but you need to show up and do the work. I can’t guarantee specific results or increased income.

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