How To Pick The Perfect Avocado


How To Pick The Perfect Avocado



Avocados do not ripen on the tree like other fruits do; they ripen after they’ve been harvested. The avocado goes through color changes during its ripening. It goes from dark green to a purplish black. I have found avocados that are nearly purplish black and hard as a rock. So color will help you narrow down the selection but it’s not a sure thing.


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Now that we’ve used sight to narrow down the selection,  next we’ll use our touch to choose the perfect Hass Avocado. I’ve learned that using your fingers to check for tenderness will bruise the fruit, so instead put the avocado in the palm of your hand and gently close your hand around it. If the fruit gives a bit, you know it’s ready to use. If it feels hard, it’s not ready, however, I select a few hard ones, just because they will be ready in a few days to a week; perfect for when I plan on using them at a later date. If the fruit gives too much or has uneven give, then it’s probably bruised or too ripe. I avoid these.

When your avocados are ripe, they should be eaten before they ruin. However, you can stick a ripe avocado in the fridge and it will  last a few days for you.

Make shopping for avocados fun, just keep practicing, you’ll get better at it and pretty soon you will be a Hass Avocado expert.

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