Would you like to move into a life of PLEASURE?
Do you feel like you have come to repetitive cycle in your life, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to move forward? There is something that you must face within yourself that you aren’t seeing and for whatever reason it is the main root of what’s keeping you stuck in these cycles.
Think of it like a video game! To win a level you must collect the keys to the doors. To collect the keys, you must face the challenges of that level and in the game you cannot move forward until you have gathered the necessary keys to open up the doors.
If there is resistance at play, the keys are not available to you! This would prevent you from moving into a life full of pleasure.
To win this level and break the cycles at play here, there are 3 steps to choose from…
  1. One is to by slowly doing the right things over and over and over again…. etc
  2. Another is to remain present and do the best you can while remaining open.
  3. OR you can use the Broom AKA – The Cheat Codes to your life’s game to move to the level you want, Breaking Free of your limitations to expand on your journey of your choosing.
What’s a BROOM

Through the BROOM Experience we will take you through your past story, helping you to clear the pages of the karmic contracts you have written for yourself, this helps to rewire your brain to think in a different way, which then helps you make the steps you want in your life.

The BROOM Experience helps move you from lack to abundance, energetically aligning you with the universes energy which we also know to be called the LAW OF ATTRACTION. As your soul makes this shift, your vibration transitions more like the universe itself, and so you start to experience yourself as a valued part of the whole that is completely supported in its desire to express infinity in a unique way, erasing any feelings of abandonment and separation. Instead, you feel purpose and inspiration return to your bloodstream; you feel alive and powerful again.

We will help you shift your energy from pain to bliss, from anger to clarity. Schedule a session with us so we can help you feel more vibrant and alive

What’s included in a BROOM Experience

Which version do you desire?

Love you
Stephen and Veronica Schultz

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