How Hearing A Message Could Get You Well!

sea-749619_640Your body has a message for you. Hearing and understanding what to do with it, could get you well!

Imagine you and your family driving home after an enjoyable day.  A fire engine passes you and you know there is probably traffic waiting for you up ahead. What has happened? Then you see it, a car engulfed in flames on the side of the road. The fire has spread to the hill and has already made it to the top. It’s a horrific scene. The smoke is everywhere. Your eyes begin to itch, a little at first. The itching gets so bad, you have to pull over and let someone else drive. You ask if anyone else’s eyes are itching and why would they not? The smoke is thick enough to irritate everyone’s eyes. However, everyone else said their eyes were fine. You might think this is a fluke, or think you reacted to the smoke, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. That is a message for you. What does itchy eyes mean? In general, it means you are not wanting to look at something, something with a deeper spiritual meaning. And it gets deeper than that. Left or right eye itching means something too. So what does cancer mean? Diabetes? Broken bones? Fibromyalgia? A car accident? Yes, these are all messages.

We receive messages all the time. Many of them float right past us unnoticed or we dismiss them thinking such and such is the cause. Others enter our dreams, leaving us an unforgettable desire to get it deciphered. Some come by way of our body, others from people or books. Wherever it’s come from, we’ve all wanted to understand these messages since the beginning of time. We are so blessed that we’ve entered the ERA of Awakening and a black vale has been lifted off of our spiritual eyes. There deep within our soul lies a profound desire to discern what they mean. We all have the capacity to connect to our inner wisdom for its significance, but many have no idea how.

My life changed when I received “The Message.” I was to go tell this young man to live, to choose life.

I remember having this gift ever since I was 4 yrs old, but a tumultuous childhood squelched much of it from ripening. This all changed as I followed the voice of Spirit to do something ridiculously bold.

“Go tell a man to live!” I thought, are you sure? I mean really, what if I was wrong? How crazy would I look?! I considered these thoughts and more, as I pondered what to do. Then it welled up in me, a feeling that was familiar. The same feeling I got when my gifts came forth to help someone, but this time, even stronger. All fear and worry was replaced with courage, a boldness that was undefeatable. A courage that was beyond who I am and I delivered the message with love. It wasn’t my message, it was Spirits message poured forth through me. Funny thing, afterwards, my gift did not retreat back into a frightened woman, but broke forth with such fervor and love, I created “Awakened You”.

Why does this mean for you…

Spirits messages to us are not new, He has communicated with us from the beginning of time. And somewhere between then and now, we went through a very dark era and it’s my belief that we became disconnected from our spirit to such a degree, that we wandered in the dark, without guidance so to speak. Spirit has risen men up to help us understand this type of communication. However, there has been NO ONE who is revealing this message quite like I am now!

As Spirit guided me, I created this amazing ongoing group for YOU, for those who have questions and want them answered. I thought, how can I help others, especially those who can’t afford my packages, to heal and find freedom from pain. Maybe you notice illness and pain, or a major disease, or a car accident, or the loss of a job, or a break-up group-1034160_640with someone you love. These messages inform you about an imbalance within your consciousness or sub-consciousness that needs attention. Its message will continue to get louder, bringing into your sphere mishaps or disease, until you hear it. Does it do any good to know the Message you are receiving without understanding its meaning or how apply it? Of course not! That’s why I’m lovingly holding space for you to join us.

It’s not my intention to make this about cost, but I want you to know, that my love for you is so strong, and I want so much to see you blessed, whole and healed, I’ve made it super inexpensive that even someone on disability can afford it. I’ve taken the biggest excuse out of the equation to sign up.

As you know, I charge anywhere from $300/hr to $6,000 for sessions for my personal coaching/mentorship and guidance. So the tiny cost of about $1.00 a day is ridiculously affordable.

Check us out and if the this calls to you, join us for our next call on Tuesday.

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