Simple lifestyle changes will help your body heal as TeraCore reduces inflammation, pain, repairs and restores your bones and joints. Does TeraCore help Sciatica as well? Yes, it does. We get good feedback from our clients.

Some of the food lifestyle changes you should make are…

When you grocery shop, gather your healthy foods from the outer walls of the store. Leave the rest of the food at the grocery store, that is if you want health to be your goal!

Eliminate gluten, dairy, refined sugar, nightshades, a group of plants that includes potatoes and tomatoes, which are thought by some to be potentially inflammatory, as is sugar.

Add a good quality probiotic (a large Tbsp of Greek Yogurt daily works too) Plus two tablespoons of sour Montmorency cherry juice and at least 2,000 milligrams of omega-3’s from fish oil, known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Veronica Schultz
Herbal Therapist

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