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Our mission is to get H.A.N.’s herbal and oil therapies into the hands of people around our beautiful world in hopes that we positively transform the health, life, and future of our world…

Our passion is to inspire you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself. When we’re not handcrafting products or filling orders, we teach, coach & mentor others how to activate their highest potential and how to use herbal & oil therapies, food and lifestyle as the catalyst for a MUCH better life.

All our products are 100% handcrafted therapies of nature’s most therapeutic herbs and oils. We specially formulate our blends without the use of any chemicals. There’s nothing but all-natural and organically-sourced ingredients! We handcraft with undeniable love, & passion for extraordinary health, positive intentions and good vibes and We package our Tinctures in Amber glass bottles. It’s specially made to naturally preserves and extend shelf life to enhance the integrity and quality of each product! Please re-use these precious bottles!

We focus on providing the most top notch quality ever… not average products, but exceptional quality products where you can see and feel the difference immediately.

If you’re interested in our holistic lifestyle services, we invite you to learn more about our work here. We reach the world helping people accelerate positive self-transformation. As in the words of one of our clients, “The things she does are real and anyone with a problem should talk to her.” We are the go to Coaches when you’re ready to dramatically turn your life around for the better and are committed to making it happen for you. We make it easy for you & your family in every way possible!
Herbal extract tinctures are taken 25 – 90 drops (1/2 – 1 1/2 teaspoon) under the tongue up to three times a day. For those who don’t like the taste of extract tinctures, adding the dose to a small glass of water or juice is an excellent means of administration. Shake well before using. Store in a dark, dry place. No refrigeration necessary.

Herbs are like any other medicine; they need time to build in the system. Please give your product 2 – 3 weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Some health challenges like bone loss, bone and joint repair can take up to a year to reverse. If you need any guidance please contact us by sending us message here or through our website

Extract/Tincture FAQ

HAN Herbal Therapies are made by cold processing high quality organic or respectfully wild crafted dried and cut herbs with a mixture of water and 80 proof grain alcohol. This produces a 40 proof tincture which herbalist recommend as the most effective strength. Doses are taken as drops from a special dropper cap included with the bottle and can be added to water or juice if preferred. Most dropperfulls delivery approximately 1000mg of medicinal treatment.

Instructions and are on every label, and every one of HAN’s Herbal Therapies are 100% handcrafted.

When should I start to see effects from my tincture?
You should give herbal tinctures at least two, but ideally four, weeks to work. Herbs, like prescriptions, need time to build up in the system and be sustained in order to have the beneficial effects we use them for.

Why do we use tinctures over capsules?
Tinctures are more effective than capsules because they are absorbed quickly into the body, and nothing is wasted in the digestive system, as with capsules that use dried plant material or powder. While some may react to the herb in powder form, we have noticed they can tolerate the tincture.

How do I take my tincture?
Tinctures can be taken by the drop or by the measure. The average dose is 25 – 90 drops, which is ½ – 1 ½ teaspoons. They can be taken under the tongue (sublingual) or in a small amount of juice or water.

How do tinctures taste?
We won’t kid you. Tinctures are usually pretty pungent. They are natural medicines unadulterated by flavors or colors to make them more appealing. There a few so bitter, we recommend filling an empty capsule to consume.

What’s in my tincture?
HAN Herbal Therapies are made with 90 proof grain alcohol, quality wild crafted or organic herbs, and water. Those are the only ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, just good traditional herbal medicine.

Why is there alcohol in my tincture?
Tinctures are extracted with a mix of alcohol and water because water alone can’t extract all the constituents (volatile oils) that make herbs so beneficial. The ratio of alcohol to water varies between plants, but a certain amount of alcohol is needed to do the job correctly and produce an effective tincture.

How much alcohol is in my tincture?
All HAN Herbal Therapies have a 50 proof strength, the strength most herbalists recommend as effective. That means your tincture has 30-35% alcohol by volume, about a quarter of your product. When taken in drops or half teaspoons, the alcohol consumed is very insignificant.

What about non-alcoholic or glycerin tinctures?
Some herbalists prepare glycerin or vinegar tinctures that have no alcohol at all. This is fine, but they tend to be less effective than alcohol-based tinctures because of glycerin’s inability to fully extract all plant constituents, and they expire within the first year. We can make these by request.

How do I store my tincture?
Tinctures are best stored in a dark, dry place, like a bathroom or kitchen cupboard.

How long will my tincture be effective?
Tinctures have an average shelf life of five years. HAN Herbal Therapies conservatively advises three years after date of purchase.

Who made my tincture?
All tinctures sold by HAN Herbal Therapies are produced by an experienced herbalist. They are hand crafted and cold processed to ensure the very best tinctures available.

Are there other products?
Yes, we have Massage healing oils, lip gloss, salves and Liposomal Vitamin C

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