Do You Have A Heavy Heart?

Do You Have A Heavy Heart?

sad-girl-1382940_640Do you have a heavy heart and dealing with feelings of failure? Trying to do the what is needed without feeling like you are accomplishing your goal? Yeah me too and this morning it almost got me feeling like those feelings were real. I almost felt so despondent and depression feelings were quickly rising. I was grateful I remembered what to do next.
Just allow those feeling to come into your consciousness without taking them as your own, as if you’re watching a piece of lint fly by your eyes. I know it feels real, but I can tell you that it is not. When your mind is active, it is engaged and healthy. Your mind performs it’s best when engaged but when it is not, that is when the mind exploreface-985977_640s and is open to many different thoughts and feeling including those that are not your own. This is called Alaya.
There are several things you can do when this takes place. One is what I already mentioned above, observation without judgment. 2nd is to say “return to sender”. If you feel any change at all, any lightness, then those thoughts were returned to the one you were picking them up from and you now know they were not yours. 3rd – there is power in the name of Jesus. So by saying “By the blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus, protect my thoughts”
Use any and all of these methods. Just know deep within your heart that you are not a failure. Just know that you are a sensitive and caring person who wants to do well at what you put your heart, soul and mind to. You have compassion and are selfless when it comes to sharing your heart and soul. Part of the struggle is emotions that are not yet addressed and healed. Some of these may not be your fault and have come from past lives lived. I am just so grateful for your wisdom and the strength you show to keep going. I love you so. smile-1591798_640
Veronica Schultz

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