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Love watching these guys tonight was amazing. Lots of tingly heavy feelings tonight.. felt a lot tonight than ever before especially on me trying to cling n stay like they were trying to get away n weird thing is weren’t mine or nothing to do with me.. there was a maze and saw a lot of wandering around it was nice to see. The duos are amazing and yes the real deal.. always positive n clearly vibes much love to them


I just had a session. Veronica and Stephen were amazing. They were extremely tapped into me. Kind, open, extremely giving. While answering many questions, they have now opened up a whole book of more questions. I loved how supportive and gentle they were with me considering I feel so lost. I cried more than once. Part of me wished there was a way for us to tape these sessions because I know I probably missed so much.


These two are truly gifted and special! Their energy is amazing and infectious. Had a private reading and can not wait to book a Broom with them! Love and light xoxo


I was put on the hot seat in a live! They not only have amazing energy, but they really tapped into the underlying issues that I need to work on within myself.


It was amazing, and truly a great experience. I love both your guys energy. Thank You for taking me along on that journey


These two are AMAZING! Beautiful energy and always spot on! Thank you both for all of your guidance


Thank you so much for my reading today It was spot on!!! Keep up the good work! Luv u guys


I had a mini reading on their live FB forum and they nailed it! I listened to everyone else’s readings and they didn’t hit home like my personal reading. Definitely booking them in near future!


excellent, funny atmosphere, big audience, I strongly recommend


Incredible. An international reading yet resonated so incredibly close to home. Love you guys. Thank you for your blessings.


He’s right on the money and is very Genuine and accurate.


I have had several readings and activations on fb live where Stephen and Veronica graciously share their gifts. And in my opinion the energy and love that the mother and son duo exude is both entertaining and infectious in itself. But add in the fact that the readings are both accurate and insightful and given with love and joy is amazing. Keep on shining your light


I loved the live session last night. Felt lighter, empowered and ready to be me!!! Thank you. A magical moment


This mother / son Duo are amazing .. they are knowledgeable, fun and powerful. A brilliant pair who are genuine and out to truly help people and raise the vibration


Did a live session with them and omgs I loved it. I’m still tingling


Just had my first mini reading and I am very impressed. I felt they were spot on with what they said.


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