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The old rules, strategies and methods for creating and running a thriving business in our former 3-D reality will not work in the new 4 and 5-D realities. You must immediately start to change your business strategies and methods, today!

As more and more people awaken to our new multidimensional realities entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and managers must communication and operate using breakthrough strategies, tools and techniques. Everything from product development to sampling, production, positioning, marketing, advertising, online and hands-on promotion, sales, payment, delivery, customer service, user feedback and word-of-mouth referrals must fit the way people are rapidly becoming.

We can help! Our team of Ascension Masters works with people in a variety of countries who are adjusting to the new realities. In addition Jon Taber, our Business Mentor Team Leader has founded 10 companies in 6 different fields and been CEO of 17 companies in 11 fields, as well as business consultant and management trainer for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He helps start-up and early growth companies plan and acquire both debt and equity funding and achieve critical performance objectives.

For a limited time Jon, an Ascension Master is available to help business owners, leaders and managers create powerful business visions and strategies that work. He uses a unique and powerful planning system that can help inspire potential investors, key employees, customers, vendors and others to act on your behalf to achieve your business and financial goals.

Your strategy session will use 2 of a 7-step sequence to direct your thoughts, feelings, energy, intentions, emotions and actions in a 4 and 5-D world. Following a list of topics you will cover with Jon:

Why am I in business?

How will I best serve my workforce, clients, customers, vendors, shareholders and other interested parties?

What must I do to achieve critical financial, business and personal goals that support my Why and How?


Purpose – The purpose or mission of your organization and its efforts

Vision – Your vision of the business in 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 years (a mental snap-shot)


Strategies – Your leadership and management strategies for:

Ownership and business entity structuring

Start-up and growth funding/liquidity

Staffing, succession and culture

Growing and developing the business

Partnerships, strategic alliances and other jump-start business arrangements

Identifying and serving target market(s)

Anticipating consumer wants, needs and willingness to buy at profitable prices

Merchandising techniques for maximum sales, profits and inventory turns

Product design, development, production and retirement

Project management

Marketing, sales and service

Customer service

Internal communication and public relations

Market share and competitive pressures

Positioning and lobbying to influence third-party power

Distribution channels and alternative business models

Pricing, revenue, profitability and cash flow

Performance tracking, reporting and remediation

Risk management

Staying relevant in rapidly changing markets with disruptive technologies

Dealing with regulations, taxes, fees and other costs of doing business


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