Welcome To The BROOM Experience

with your Ascension Master Guides, Stephen and Veronica Schultz

You know those unanswered questions YOU have about yourself and life? Through a journey of rediscovery we clear away the fog hindering you from seeing and moving freely down your life path, enjoying the view and experiencing every twist and turn.


  • Clearing of ancestral experiences from present to way back
  • Self-Discovery
  • Trauma & Deep Seated Cellular Memory Clearing
  • Clearing of unhealthy connections

To recap: The BROOM sweeps away deep-seated negative memories from many decades of ancestral traumas, blocks, and resistance. Prepare for a monumental shift in your life, work or business as this awakens your self-awareness in many layers and levels.

It can be done remotely or in person, on the phone or we can meet on Facebook messenger video or Skype. After you decide which you prefer, you just show up. We will take care of the rest.

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

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Experience one of the most powerful healing modalities you’ll ever experience by scheduling a BROOM Experience!

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Why Do I Want The BROOM ACADEMY As My Next Step?

Without supportive follow up practices that will truly help you process the resistant energy that emerges after a “BROOM Experience”, you can be left feeling MISPLACED. Those misplaced feelings can unravel the wholeness benefits you’ll experience on a mental, emotional, physical, and energetic vibrational level in your quantum reality.

Receiving genuine and regular mentorship from our Ascension Masters at BROOM ACADEMY, who see the BIGGER PICTURE of the path in front of you, and who can guide your safe passage through the challenges that arise when the Ego Mind is dissolving, can mean the difference between safe passage to the shores of an Awakened and Empowered Soul, or experiencing the crashing waves in the oceans storms of the unbalanced ego.

Save yourself from the turmoil that happens when you try it unceremoniously alone and allow your expansion into this experience to place you safely into your journey with us.


So much has come forward I can’t even keep up I always said I have a strong committee.  I just keep laughing with them as I see I always saw them just not as clear like this since I was a child takes a lot to get my attention I’m quite used to spirit and its play but getting tapped and a small fright opened me up to see the vibes even clearer.

Veronica asks, “Is all the healing from BROOM?”

No but BROOM is being an aid as in clearing the dust I couldn’t get to. I was so tired, so sad… No one knew how to come in. And no one could until I made some serious decisions to open my heart and home back up to spirit in full and the boyfriend leaving sadly took a lot of static with him so all this is integration to many healings going on at once but the magic that I feel is due to the BROOM. I was too heavy to feel it happily before

And when not happy it is like such a narrow channel to reach the heart of life…
you two caught me in my regain and I needed the support so deeply and when not happy it is like such a narrow channel to reach the heart of life to be seen and heard i was born in a cave in Kuai Hawaii
on Budah mountain lmao its always been magic.

But I got hurt when life took and it’s been a battle getting into a good flow for the body to sustain without the traumatic events pushing me into adrenaline.
This is a grounded flow. I prayed. I went cross country eight (8) times lol detoxing and releasing in surrender let go and I’m not in this flow anymore I am now learning to ground grow roots and be safe in my healing where I can experience it and hopefully share it, rebuilding from a major walkabout. Came home in time for dad’s death, this was tragic he went out on a motorcycle last June. I got somersaulted back here to Washington where I grew up right after and I’m learning to be home again. Dad lived in Oregon so this is the full circle now on the mountain. Just like Stephen’s eyes didn’t go bad because I worked with him but it did brighten the healing into what is physical. That is how i witnessed it. So yes it is all because of the BROOM and the many keepers of this type of love they give! I do feel swept thru.

Fawn Harmoni


So I think it’s about time I talk about my Broom/Soul Journey experience. Mine is probably going to be explained a bit different than most of you but I want to focus on how things have changed since. I also want to apologize for taking so long to get this out there. I had some health issues and some family health issues going on. So I’ve recently turned 50 and I’m pretty sure because of so much past trauma in my life I never knew how to love myself-I’ve always been kinda self destructive and though I’m a good person and good to other people I’ve just never cared about me. I know what I want and how I want to feel inside but I’ve always had this heaviness and darkness inside. Over the years I’ve tried so many things including therapy to relieve this but nothing has ever worked for more than a short time. So one of the things that Veronica and Stephen told me was that I was basically wrapped like a mummy in these cords. When they were being released I swear I actually Physically felt this happening, especially on my legs. Stephen also said that my ankles were really bound tight. Interesting that for the past few years when I get out of bed every morning my ankles hurt so bad they feel like they’re going to break. Here’s where it gets Amazing! Since my session (at least a month ago) I’ve had absolutely No pain in my ankles-not once! Everything has really changed for me. It’s like they took the darkness out of me and replaced it with light. I mean that literally. I feel light inside and I’m also starting to really love myself for the 1st time ever which has made all of my relationships better. All of the people close to me have noticed this huge change in me to. I’m not such a loner anymore either. There’s so many other things I learned but for someone like me This was the most important thing that happened to me from this experience. I will never be able to thank you guys for giving me my life back. What a beautiful thing to be able to actually Live in this world instead of just exist. Veronica Schultz and Stephen Schultz I Love you guys so very much and wish there was some way I could repay you. This group is wonderful-just to have a safe place with so much love from everyone. 😘❤️

Heidi Beerbohm

So you might be asking what is a BROOM?
The BROOM sweeps away deep-seated negative memories from many decades of ancestral traumas, blocks, and resistance. Prepare for a monumental shift in your life, work or business as this awakens your self-awareness in many layers and levels.


Sooooo about my BROOM Experience with Veronica Schultz
and Stephen Schultz I had on 3/17/17….

Where do I start?!!! It was totally AMAAAAAZINGGG!!! I found out I was disconnected from the Mother, (and I wasn’t even aware of it) but with their help I was able to reconnect and I did notice a change in my energy. At first when I heard this I was like bothered by it, but then I remembered there was a time in my youth where I did turn my back on God, of course since then I’ve come to embrace Him/Her; however, “I” didn’t even think or know I needed to replug into SOURCE energy… But know I’m plugged in again!

During my session, (which is actually three sessions I did all in one) they were able to clear more from my physical body and etheric body…(my aura). One thing I’ve learned in my travels is when you experience yawning or sighing when doing any energy work (or daily affirmations) it’s a physical sign that you are clearing thru layers of hurts, memories, beliefs, and the like. Anywhoo, there was a point where I was yawning like crazy! LIKE REALLY YAWNING OVER AND OVER AND OVER…and it wasn’t because I was tired either! In fact I was totally vibrating!!! My every particle was vibrating… Verrrry cool!!!

I had sooooo much energy coursing throughout me it was beyond amazing! I’ve had a few other sessions of other modalities where I could feel tingly on my surface going in depth about 3″… But in this session the energy was moving ALLLLL THE WAY THROUGH ME!!! In fact the picture in my head was like a funnel vortex with the opening on my front and the vortex tail out my back.

During my session Stephen saw I had only lived 5 other lives and before that I was “angelic”! The vision I had was like the vortex except the “tail” went beyond a veil and I couldn’t see how far it went back. The awesome thing is according to Stephen as an angelic being I was an observer… Which if you know me, you know I LOOOOOVE TO WATCH PEOPLE!!! And I’m very detailed orientated when noticing things about others…

Another life of mine I’ve always felt was that of a warrior!!! I remember the first time I ever saw a Haka tribal demonstration I felt very connected like I was watching my roots! I felt very proud and a bit home sick too…I’ll cry with pride watching the Maori people display the Haka – I’ll attach a video of what I’m talking about.

If you are looking to take some steps on your spiritual journey I highly suggest you give them a call if they resonate with you. Not all modalities are suited for all, but you’ll know it’s for you if you feel it resonates with you…if you feel a spark make the call!

~Michi Robinson Founder of “I am Gigglicious” a facebook group for women


I booked a BROOM Experience from Veronica and Stephen Schultz and WOW!!! I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. I am a Psychic Medium, Metaphysical teacher. I get downloaded with an abundance of stuff, but past life stuff I don’t really do. So they helped me clear so much stuff that I have been trying to clear for so long and I really suggest a session with them, because it has just taken the last bit of the edge of things that have been stuck in me. I could not seem to release it on my own or with anyone else’s help. That doesn’t mean I am not working on things or that I haven’t been helped by others, but what a fucken amazing session.

I’ve got to tell you this, during one of the cord cuttings and release, I felt this golden light fill me up and when it got to my crown chakra, it exploded like a fucken volcano. It. Was. Europhic! These guys are fucken MAGICAL! I was speechless and it’s hard for me to be speechless. ~Stacey Lynn Owner of Psychic Medium


“I came excited, even though I didn’t know what to expect. I found out I’ve had 7 lives. I’ve got to do number 2 and 3 still. I don’t know if I could of handled it all at once. I almost went to sleep it was so peaceful and tingly for me.
Stephen Schultz has some amazing healing energy! It’s amazing how it’s so strong even from a distance. I know energy can travel far but wow!! You can feel him doing his magic 💚 i loved every minute of it. Such peace and tingly all over. Today I was vibrating when I woke up💜 thanks you guys again💚 and Veronica Schultz your soothing voice and energy is so loving and so soothing 💚
Thank you 😊 you guys are definitely amazing healers the real deal 🌸 ive had other sessions before with healers and it don’t even compare to you two not even a little bit close. I love you guys 💚💚” Bunny Lee Mock


I wanted send a BIG HUG to Stephen! He told his story about adults always rushing him and how it made him feel. Every morning my 5 yr old son cries getting ready for school. EVERY morning. When I heard your son describe what that feels like- I spoke with my husband. For the past two days he has gotten up with my son and I hear them talking and giggling. My son leaves the house with a smile and confidence. I think your sons story changed the course for me and my son for the better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!💕💕💕👏👏💕

~Grateful Mommy

Stephen Blank background

You are not broken, defective or damaged. You entered this world as a shining wonder. And with time and hurts, your ultimate true self got buried among the deception you ended up believing is true about yourself. It’s these judgments you carry that do not belong to you. So we believe healing is an important part to health, happiness and success. We are here to help. No need to be afraid to follow your heart and find out what you need to know and what the universe has to offer you.


Veronica 2c

Struggle sucks! That’s why what we do puts you into a position to win. Whether you struggle with money blocks, Business decisions, Life changes, or need healing from whatever pain is causing your life to halt, we turn that around by getting to the root of the issue.  If you do nothing, that is exactly what you’ll get – nothing! If you do something, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you’ve tried everything to make a change, but it’s still the same ol’ struggle. I want to invite you to schedule a Soul Journey Session. We want you to come with your questions and leave with peace of mind.


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