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What’s included in a BROOM Experience

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How could you be where you are today without all the deep inner work you’ve accomplished? Now it feels like there is something holding you back and you can’t seem to tap into it. 

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Do you feel joy when you share your story? Does it inspire others or is there resistance from sharing?

Are you feeling stuck? Do your emotions feel all over the place and nothing you do brings balance? Are you frustrated and feeling overwhelmed? Do you fight way to much with others and say mean things to those you love and can’t seem to stop? There is nothing worse than looking at those we love and hurt deeply because of the harsh way we handled them.

It is necessary to go through a metamorphosis process in order to heal, grow, expand into greater consciousness and raise your vibrational level. The energetic level of high frequency of the consciousness shifts quite fast and is often referred to as Energetic Field Hopping. As we step out of our comfort zone we cause a process to be set into motion, we tend to forget that our existence: Mental, Physical and the Emotional body need to follow. We have the choice to dance the dance or prolong and avoid it until the universe of Law of Attraction delivers the necessary People/Situation/Triggers that kick us into place. These steps with the BROOM Experience™ triggers the help necessary for that energetic shift.

Through the BROOM Experience we will take you through your past story, helping you to clear the pages of the karmic contracts you have written for yourself, this helps to rewire your brain to think in a different way, which then helps you make the steps you want in your life.

The BROOM Experience helps move you from lack to abundance, energetically aligning you with the universes energy which we also know to be called the LAW OF ATTRACTION. As your soul makes this shift, your vibration transitions more like the universe itself, and so you start to experience yourself as a valued part of the whole that is completely supported in its desire to express infinity in a unique way, erasing any feelings of abandonment and separation. Instead, you feel purpose and inspiration return to your bloodstream; you feel alive and powerful again.

We will help you shift your energy from pain to bliss, from anger to clarity. Schedule a session with us so we can help you feel more vibrant and alive

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Rewriting the old energy into a new life 

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The BROOM is voted the most powerful transformative experience by those who’ve had it.

IF you feel called to be seen and heard without the struggles of guilt, shame, anger and disappointment so you can rise higher, love greater, enjoy life to the fullest, make your mark on this world more than you’ve ever done before, then you are in the right place.

You’re on a mission! You’re a top notch leader! You’re a HERO to your family and company! You’ve experienced great transformations, but it’s time for more. Everything you’ve done has led you up to this moment – doing the BROOM Experience and Academy is the life-altering experience of a lifetime.

If you are ready to move past everything that’s been holding you back so you can become your fully expanded, highest self, your journey begins here.

Veronica, Stephen Schultz and Jon Taber will guide you through this amazing and life altering experience.

What’s included in a BROOM Experience

Which version do you desire?


The BROOM ACADEMY will help you dismantle limiting beliefs and dissolve damaging habits

The BROOM Academy is the cutting edge provider of education, workshops, and training for the advancement of CEO’s, Business Owners, Fortune 500 Companies, and Leaders. 

We provide an expansive and integrative approach to the growth of conscious partnership. We collaborate with industry experts, visionaries, and thought leaders to educate and inspire those who are seeking advancement in business, life and relationships. The BROOM Academy is a network of individuals committed to the advancement of all.

Experience A Massive Life Shift By Understanding 7 Beliefs That Gives You Clarity

Stephen Schultz helps you you understand the struggle and release the beliefs that creates fear of failure.

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