What is your story?

When you share your story, does it leave you feeling happy or have your experiences left you feeling lonely, disappointed, and upset with yourself?

Whether you’ve experienced addictions, loss of work and or family, one disappointment after another, choices that have hurt you and your loved ones, we are here to say we can activate the process of turning that around for you.

The BROOM Experience will retune and clear your life story, creating clean pages in your book to write a new story on. This means you can rewrite the story you want to experience, even an amazing story where you are the hero. Our BROOM clears a way for you to experience abundance and happiness. It clears the blocks keeping you from making the connections between you and you and you and others.

  • Do you push everyone you like and love out of your life?
  • Do you keep those around who use you and could care less about the real you?
  • Do you ever think that ending it all would just be easier?
  • Do you find that anyone who matters to you, doesn’t want you around?
  • Does your mate and or kids deserve a better you? Do they trust you? Do you trust you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we want to invite you to experience a major transformation. Begin by setting up a 30 minute transformational consultation!



Rewriting the old energy into a new life 

Heidi Valesquez

Shares her BROOM Experience with you


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The BROOM is voted the most powerful transformative experience by those who’ve had it.

IF you feel called to be seen and heard without the struggles of guilt, shame, anger and disappointment so you can rise higher, love greater, enjoy life to the fullest, make your mark on this world more than you’ve ever done before, then you are in the right place.

You’re on a mission! You’re a top notch leader! You’re a HERO to your family and company! You’ve experienced great transformations, but it’s time for more. Everything you’ve done has led you up to this moment – doing the BROOM Experience and Academy is the life-altering experience of a lifetime.

If you are ready to move past everything that’s been holding you back so you can become your fully expanded, highest self, your journey begins here.

Veronica, Stephen Schultz and Jon Taber will guide you through this amazing and life altering experience.


Avoid getting back into old habits by attending the BROOM ACADEMY.

The BROOM Academy is the cutting edge provider of education, workshops, and trainings for the advancement of CEO’s, Business Owners, Fortune 500 Companies, and Leaders. 

We provide an expansive and integrative approach to the growth of conscious partnership. We collaborate with industry experts, visionaries, and thought leaders to educate and inspire those who are seeking advancement in business, life and relationships. The BROOM Academy is a network of individuals committed to the advancement of all.

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