Be inspired to think differently! Let us challenge your status quo and then teach you to lead your team like never before, contributing in ways that makes a difference.

We create our Universe at the beginning of our life. We can expand and contract our Universe at will. Expansion yields greater information, growth, strength, understanding and alignment with our true Source that is the sum of all that is. Love at its fullest. At our Source, consciousness is and made up of love, a vibration that has relationships with other vibrations.

How would you like to have the tools that let’s you tap into your true nature and way of working to accomplish this?!
In BROOM Academy you will be inspired how to apply this to your life and business so you will experience success.

Below shows you an outline of one of the courses you will experience.

Course Lengths to choose from:

  • 8 Hr Impact Teaser Course
  • 3 Month  Course
  • 6 Month Course
  • 1 Year Course

In our courses, we use what’s called the Reality Transformer and we’ll introduce you to it.

A Simple Description of the Reality Transformer

The Reality Transformer is a model of the energetic circle of life that represents a continual progression of perceiving energetic frequencies and translating them into information our brain and mind can use to think, remember, imagine, act, learn and grow. The Reality Transformer is designed to engage the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels of awareness and addresses the spiritual, psychic, intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of ourselves, in that order.

There are 8 subjects that make up the Reality Transformer system for use by individuals, couples, families and informal groups to improve their relationships, behaviors and achievements. They are:

Your relationship with:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your spouse, partner or significant other
  3. Your family, friends, work group and teammates
  4. Formal organizations, such as your employer, school, church, union, etc.
  5. Outside or 3rd party influences such as the government, banks and etc.

Your personal navigation systems

  1. How you make choices and decisions
  2. How you improve your personal performance
  3. How you manage change

An additional 14 subjects are designed for use by professionals, leaders and managers of organizations. They address how you

  1. Lead individuals, groups and organizations
  2. Plan your personal and group activities
  3. Find and hire competent employees, volunteers and contractors
  4. Coach your team to improve skills, behavior and outcomes
  5. Create teamwork and coordinated efforts
  6. Prevent and solve problems to improve individual and group performance
  7. Take disciplinary action, fire or remove people from teams
  8. Prevent and resolve conflicts and disruptions
  9. Manage projects and work activities
  10. Improve quality, value and productivity
  11. Control revenue, costs, assets, liabilities and performance
  12. Deal with business/organization expansions and contractions
  13. Use negotiating strategies and tactics
  14. Promote and sell ideas, products and services

One reason the Reality Transformer works so well is that our minds don’t like the discomfort (cognitive dissonance) created by holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance. The Zeigarnik Effect by Bluma Zeigarnik says, that closing the gap is a priority since unresolved questions or problems are a continuing concern and will preoccupy both conscious and unconscious thinking and behavior. We tend to forget resolved questions or problems. The gap between your past and current realities on the left side of the Reality Transformer and a desired future reality on the right side creates energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical tension that seeks to be released, solved or resolved. This tension and release process is like a large rubber band that you hold with both hands and stretch apart. Your left hand represents your current reality and immediate past. Your right hand represents your vision of the potential future.


BROOMing and BROOM ACADEMY Classes held by

Veronica, Stephen Schultz & Jon Taber

“We provide self discovery and educational programs to help people improve their lives, jobs and business performance using powerful tools, techniques and expert guidance.”


by clearing your old story

Typical Problems

(What You Don’t Want)

Potential Solutions

(What You Do Want)

Results, Benefits or Outcome

(The New YOU!)

Believing consciousness, creativity and manifestations are outside your influence and control.

Link your conscious thought and behavior to your results. Be satisfied with your life and relationships.

Master your thoughts, energy, mindset, focus, intentions,  resistance, emotions and feelings

Feeling adrift without a compass, rudder or oars to row your lifeboat. Feeling alone, disconnected or hiding from the truth.

Determine your life, work and career visions, goals and purposes. Decide what is most important and why.

Create the right mindset, thoughts, emotions and feelings to fit your purpose in life. Get on track, stay on track.

Going helter-skelter. Being tired, forgetful,  not achieving your breakthrough goals and objectives.

Be thankful for what is, with clear intention, an action plan, healthy diet and light exercise.

Achieve your desires by taking advantage of your strengths, opportunities and believing in yourself

Unclear thinking, poor decisions, not listening to your inner guidance. Poor communication, planning and follow-up.

Create what you desire by focusing on your life purpose and goals. Eliminate resistance, fears, doubts, anger, resentment, fatigue and pain.

Improve your sense of well-being, quality of life, health, wealth, relationships, career, work, creativity and business performance.

Letting the future ‘just happen,’ mismanaged thinking, random behavior and missed opportunities

Create and manage change using the Reality Transformer System. Share your new wisdom with others.

Achieve your life and work purpose using powerful resources today and into your future.

Failing to trust the real you, support key relationships, improve daily performance and manage change for your benefit. Playing with your life without an agenda.

Use the Reality Transformer System to explore your power, roles, relationships and influences. Understand how consciousness, beliefs and power affect your life.

Experience massive positive changes, abundance and satisfaction. Improve your well-being, quality of life, relationships, career, work, creativity and business performance.


3 Big Steps to Claiming Leadership and Management Dominance

Typical Problems

(What You Don’t Want)

Potential Solutions

(What You Do Want)

Results, Benefits or Outcome

(The New YOU!)

Misunderstanding or failing to execute your role in the organization due to weak self and group awareness; incompetent thinking or poor communication, blocked creativity, false beliefs, weak technical skills, problem solving or motivation.

Learn and apply the vital success secrets of visionary entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and professionals. Understand the difference between Power and Force and their effect on your performance, the people you lead or influence, organizational vitality and customer satisfaction.

Improve planning, organizing, leading, coordinating and controlling yourself, your organization, resources, product , performance, and customer satisfaction to achieve your vision, mission and goals.

Being a poor role model, failing to ‘walk the talk’ or delegate, hurrying recruitment, using poor motivational skills; failing to define and support visions, strategies, goals or standards; being too friendly, being too ‘hands-on,’ or ‘hands-off,’ not making time for the team, or providing performance feedback .

Properly executing these skills:
Problem Solving

Use the secrets of visionary leaders plus their creativity and communication strategies.

Find out what will make or break you as a leader or manager.

Create a productive daily routine from the time you wake-up (by 5 a.m. at the latest) until you go to sleep for the night.

Be mindful and observant at all times.

Weak project management, benchmarking, tracking and contingency planning. Failing to quickly terminate failing projects or business activities. Poor negotiating and sales skills. Poor understanding of markets and buyer motivation.

Properly executing these skills:
Conflict Resolution
Project Management
Quality and Productivity
Revenue and Expenses
Expansion and Contraction

This 7-step course is based on Jon Taber’s experience as a hypnotherapist, key manager of 6 large companies in 5 fields and then CEO of 17 companies in 11 fields; a popular speaker at 36 colleges, universities and professional conferences; consultant to Fortune 500 organizations, non-profit and government agencies; coach, mentor and trainer for over 5,000 business leaders, professionals and administrators. Jon and his wife Judy, a gold medal winner in the Olympic sport synchronized swimming co-developed the Reality Transformer System™ a spiritually and scientifically based reprogramming technology used in these unique training programs.

Experience A Massive Life Shift By Understanding 7 Beliefs That Gives You Clarity

Stephen Schultz helps you you understand the struggle and release the beliefs that creates fear of failure.

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