Broken to Wholeness


Ever feel disappointed?

I do and just recently. Those emotions surprised me, because I am so go with the flow… gave me the opportunity to discover some hidden past hurts I didn’t realize were lurking beneath the surface…

So I got the tremendous opportunity to begin the healing process and remembering to love myself through it. It’s peeling another layer, to reveal the next one; in which you and I will eventually be shown the next lesson.

Be grateful for the process and your beautiful journey. Each of these layers, as we deal with them, then exposes more of our shadow self (the part of us we find unacceptable, and wish to hide from ourselves and others). The door to healing our soul and traumas, the solutions we need, the direction we’re seeking, and the love we desire will open to us when we accept who and what we are at any given moment.

It sounds attractive, even easy doesn’t it? But it can be difficult and painful. I find what gets in my way is my egoic self – my mind and logical self. Instead, if we allow, we can move through spirit like water flows unblocked. Our egoic self works so hard at protecting us from repeating past hurts.

Not baring our soul though, does us and others such a disservice.

Spirit showed me with me what he calls the “the open secret”. This is the shadow part of us we all want to hide, yet when we do, we damage ourselves and others (it’s an egoic pride thing); we appear unreachable, like we’ve got it all together, making others question themselves, “what’s wrong with me?”.

Can you relate?

It’s not who I want to be. I’ve been so immersed in it and to truly be a great friend and Healer, I must be able to in a matter of speaking, roll over and show my belly.

Lol makes me think about dogs, when they do this they’re willing to be vulnerable. It’s a beautiful quality.

Are you in with me?

Veronica Schultz

Medical Intuitive Herbal Therapist

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