VaV August 10 2016I just have to share the important work both Vonda MacKenzie and I are both doing.

polaroidMy husband Eric had his first asthma attack 2 weeks ago since his bout from 2009, which nearly killed him. So I found myself in panic mode when this bout looked like it was heading the same direction.

I began my work on him, clearing negative energy memories and beliefs surrounding the “Message” Spirit gave me for him.

I then called Vonda for her work. She immediately went into session with him, clearing cords to that which was revealed.

After powerful work was done, we waited to see if it was going to help.

Within a few hours I noticed Eric wasn’t coughing like he had been. A few more hours go by, still improving. By bedtime, he said he was feeling pretty good.

He’s entered into clearing mode, which is common after such deep work is done. Clearing mode is the dumping of toxins from the physical level so more light shines through and comes forth.

It’s just so powerful!

Veronica Schultz

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