What Is Love?

What is love? Is love putting someone before yourself?, Is it energy? Is overcoming differences? Is it giving all of yourself? It is God? Is the inner most feeling we can share? Is it pure happiness? Is it excitement or out of body experience? Is...

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A Safe Place To Heal

Tomorrow is the next Awakened You. Less than 20 hrs away. Did you know all of us are struggling with one or more illusions, false thoughts that are hurting us? Shame, intimacy avoidance, disengaging ourself from the world, fear of being...

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How To Lose Weight

This video is jam packed with great information and insights to help you lose weight. Sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds to discover the reasons behind our ailments, but I am here to help, send me a message or check out our ongoing...

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Broken to Wholeness

BROKEN TO WHOLENESS Ever feel disappointed? I do and just recently. Those emotions surprised me, because I am so go with the flow… gave me the opportunity to discover some hidden past hurts I didn’t realize were lurking beneath the...

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Golden Tonic

I am brewing a new blend. It will be ready in 6 weeks.   Golden Tonic – an anxiety reducing cognitive enhancer that enhances memory while adding healthful benefits to the liver, digestion, blood, thyroid, gallbladder and skin..     This...

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Your Journey Awakens

As of late, I am surrounded by consciously awakened individuals and the influence I feel from them is just so wonderful and so full of love. We are not alone in our journey to awaken. I am loving the tribe that is forming around me. I was...

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Experience A Massive Life Shift By Understanding 7 Beliefs That Gives You Clarity

Stephen Schultz helps you you understand the struggle and release the beliefs that creates fear of failure.

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