Best Toothpaste Ever, That’s For Damn Sure

toothpowder 3How important is to you that you are not putting questionable ingredients into your mouth? Have you ever checked out the ingredients of your toothpaste?

My family and I’ve been blindly using “Tom’s Of Maine” toothpaste until a client called me asking me to make them healthy toothpaste. Now the first time I made was when I was new at making Herbal Therapies. I didn’t like the way it turned out. So I threw out the idea of making more ever again; until recently when one of my clients asked me to make them some.

What I ended up with is a toothpowder, which I will make more of and a toothpaste which I will not. After testing the toothpowder for a few days and discovering that I love it, I sent my clients a sample to see what they thought of it. I will share their review a bit later.

But first, back to the question “How important is to you that you are not putting questionable ingredients into your mouth?Toothpowder Have you ever checked out the ingredients of your toothpaste” I researched an ingredient in Tom’s Of Maine Toothepaste called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This creates the foaming action (which frankly we don’t need, we are just used to having it). It also has been known to cause and irritate exhisting allergies, canker sores and bad breath.

One more thing… did you know “Tom’s Of Maine” toothpaste is owned by Colgate? These big 500 Fortune companies are known for adding questionable ingredients.

My clients got their samples and within a few days messaged me.

”We love it!!! Best toothpaste ever, Veronica Schultz. That’s for damn sure. We have been looking for months for something that isn’t poison. Even most “natural” toothpaste has at least 1 questionable ingredient. We actually got one a while back that has only amazing ingredients, but it leaves our teeth feeling kinda gross.

I like the powder you made us slightly better than the coconut oil based stuff. It just gets my teeth so clean!!

Thank you!!!”

Ben and Jen Rode

For my clients Like Ben and Jen Rode, avoiding poisons and toxins are really important, as poisons and toxins can interfere with the spiritual work they do with their clients. If it’s important to you as well, do let me know.



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