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Awakened You started when spirit gave Veronica a vision of a young man dying. Spirit said, “he is dying soon. Go tell him to choose to live, to choose life”. Veronica and her husband delivered the message along with a box of herbal therapies. The message was matter of fact, directly from Spirit and oh so powerful. With tears streaming down his face he said, “I had no idea I was giving up, but now that I’ve heard this message, I can tell I have and I choose to live, I choose life!” Right then his plum size swollen glands shrunk before their eyes.

Veronica began Awakened You soon after that experience, so that she could share what has awakened in her through bringing people together for the blessings Spirit has to express. By utilizing a group concept, it empowers everyone to experience the amazing healing energy of the group and feel genuine supportive camaraderie.

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  • Powerful group weekly coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Ongoing Team Support
  • Optional One on One Sessions (at additional costs)
  • Health and Wellness plans (at additional costs)


Tuesday nights have never been so good! This has only been my 3rd evening with this group, and already I am feeling the immense benefit of healing, clarity, support, understanding and
supreme guidance.
As a 35 year student/teacher of innergrowth healing Veronica has opened vistas of new ways to express my sense of unique contribution.
Having community without expectations, or judgments, frees the mind to
communicate it’s deepest needs, and you just can’t put a price on that!
This group is a genuine gift to me that I am grateful for everyday.

Vonda MacKenzie

Have you been looking for something more fulfilling in your life? Are you tired of life being just work stress, family stress, relationship challenges … and boring TV? Do you seek to grow your spiritual life? Do you want MORE joy and contentment in your life? For all this and MORE, I invite you to join our Awakened You conference group. There are no judgements here, just sharing and love for one another. You will find that Veronica Schultz and her spiritual gifts are heartfelt, genuine and inspiring … To YOU in your quest for MORE in YOUR life!
Katrina R.

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