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Ancient Health is our offering to help give your body the ability to self-heal. Should you feel called to do this, you will experience more clarity of mind, more energy, feel the pain in your joints improve, get more flexibility, improve your kidney, liver, adrenal and digestive health. This is a beautiful program that is pretty much a DIY program – yes, it’s that simple once you know what to do, and that’s where we come in.


  1. First, you have to know where to begin, so please invest in a consult. If you have questions, we offer a free 20 minute chat.
  2. It would be great if you then chose what time you’d like to have your consult. Chat with us by going here
  3. Invest in your Spak, highly important as this stuff will set the stage for deep healing work to be done. We will discuss herbs when we meet on our call, because you may just need something specific for your body. After we know what you need, you can choose to purchase your herbs from your local market, online or from us. Which ever empowers you more.
  4. Then the fun starts, you get to go grocery shopping with the list we provide.

Everything will be explain in a easy-to-follow way in the consult.

Because health is so important and should be available to everyone, we decided that instead of making this a monthly investment program, we’ll let you decide when and if you need the consults. The herbs and Spak can be purchased through us should you desire it to be so, if not, we will show you how to make it and you can order your own products. Should you feel called, we would like to set you up with 3 months of goodies, so that you can develop a routine. Then consult anytime you wish.

Consults, Divine Herbs, Plasma Pudding

Select your consult. When you select 2 -3 hours of consult, you can use what you select in incriments

1 Hour Ancient Health Consult

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2 Hour Ancient Health Consult

$270.00 $240.00Read more

3 Hour Ancient Health Consult

$450.00 $425.00Read more

3 Months of Plasma Pudding

$150.00Read more

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