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 Dearest Fans, I am truly excited about David Lowell‘s new book on mindset “Unbelievable Me“. Becoming successful is no longer just for those who were fortunate enough to learn a successful mindset while growing up, but it is for anyone with the desire to dream bigger than they are at their present moment. Should this resonate with you like it did for me, I challenge you to read this short introduction to “Unbelievable Me“, post your opinion then share it. The know-how to success is no longer a kept hidden secret!

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How to Achieve Great Success in Your Business & Personal Life by Changing Your Psychology: Unbelievable Me

(Coming Early 2015)


I very much appreciate the opportunity Veronica has given me to share my upcoming book, Unbelievable Me: A 5-Step Program for Shifting to a Powerful Mindset & Experiencing True Success in All Areas of Life, with her followers.

There has been a lot of talk these days about the power of mindset, and it’s an extremely exciting topic. That’s because a few years ago, a group of world-renowned researchers discovered that most really successful people all share a certain view of human potential—something the researchers referred to as mindset. Psychologists tell us that successful people typically view human potential as a quality that changes over time, believing that skill sets, behaviors, and even intelligence can be cultivated. On the other hand, less successful people typically view human potential as a fixed attribute. This inaccurate view hinders what goals people pursue and whether or not they achieve them.

Interestingly, the psychologists found that the majority of the population here in America views human potential as a fixed attribute. And since the fixed view of human potential arose out of Western culture, it is quite probable that these discoveries have equally major implications for cultures throughout the Western hemisphere. This is probably because researchers have argued throughout the ages on what the proper view of human potential is, and there was really no conclusive proof that human potential could be cultivated…UNTIL NOW. As of late, modern science has conclusively proved the fixed view to be incorrect—thus, most people have the wrong mindset and they are less successful in both their personal and business life as a result.

What really took the world by surprise, though, was the fact that psychologists also discovered that it’s possible for people to switch their mindset…from one that inhibits personal growth to one that promotes personal growth. This means that both unsuccessful and only moderately successful people alike can change their view of human potential, and most likely become much more successful in life overall as a result. So the point is that whether you are generally struggling in life, or are fairly successful, but ready to take it to the next level—this book is for you.

I and my co-author, Gertrud Lola, present a straight-forward 5-step program based on the above research that will give you the tools you need to change your mindset and become more successful. In addition to presenting a program to shift your mindset, we present a compilation of suggested approaches from several well-known experts in the field of personal development to give you everything you need to succeed.


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Thanks again, Veronica Schultz, and I’ll see you all there!

David Lowell, P.E.


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