Who Are Veronica, Stephen Schultz and Jon Taber

Veronica & Stephen Schultz

Veronica Schultz and Stephen Schultz

Stockton Ca, USA
V: 209.482.7771
S: 209.636.3115
Email: info@journeyawakens.com
Skype: Journeyawakens
Facebook: Healing Conversations

Veronica and Stephen Schultz are Ascension Masters , Herbal Therapists, Authors, Speakers and the Co-Creators of Journey Awakens and The BROOM Experience.


Veronica and Stephen Schultz & Jon Taber assist TOP Leaders of companies and business’s clear the fog from their path so success comes at a rapid pace.

Our work offers some of the most powerful transformational modalities anyone will ever experience that rebuilds and quickly shifts their life’s energy and work results

Stephen, Veronica & Jon are Masters in self-aware therapy, an important quality to possess to successfully run organizations and/ or live an enjoyable life.

We specialize in the healing of a person’s life from their ancestral line, clearing negative energy, blocks, reconnecting them with themselves – effectively renewing them to the status of “new”, ready to rewrite their story.

Jon Taber

Here is my contact info: Jon Taber – Visionary Leader, Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach

Sacramento, CA USA
Phone: (916) 605-9608
Skype: jonstoys2
Email: jon@jontaber.com
Twitter: Jon Taber@jonstoys2

I’m the author of “Child’s Play” plus 4 forthcoming books: “Create a Better Life with This Astonishing 7-Stage Mindset for Individuals, Groups and Organizations,” “22 Keys to Leadership Success,” “Create and Activate Your $Multi Millionaire Mindset,” plus “How to Survive, Thrive and Achieve Your Dreams.” I’m co-host of “The CEO Leadership Corner” on Live Strong America – Radio to Inspire at: livestrongamerica.com and frequent guest on Money 105.5 fm, RUSH HOUR for Success.

Prepare for a monumental shift in your life, work or business with my 6 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Abilities with Jon Taber who gives you an awesome advantage in life by teaching you what it takes to earn a gold medal in an Olympic sport, like his wife Judy Taber did in synchronized swimming.


  • "I'm feeling calm and clear headed" ~Darlene "I'm feeling relaxed yet a shot of energy and focused, wow and I felt it so fast. A welcome feeling after a long day at work" ~Gary "Since taking this formula, I've had…

  • Veronica, I love your “Rising Star” I took it this morning, under my tongue. I left the house and was thinking I’m connecting to God. I said to myself, “universe show me something beautiful.” My whole day I excelled like…

  • I have to tell you what happened today at the periodontist Veronica... I had my X-ray done for my teeth in July. It showed that I had severe bone loss in the lower back tooth and some in the front.…

  • I woke up this morning thinking that I would rather die than to continue feeling the way that my body feels. No energy – my entire body felt like a cramp. I had trouble just walking a short distance this…

  • UPDATE: August 20, 2015 Hi Veronica, God news. I was at the dentist today. Very positive news , surgery is not an issue anymore. The Dentist was very surprised and said : “This I had not expected .” Very good…

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