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Veronica and Stephen Schultz are Ascension Masters , Herbal Therapists, Authors, Speakers and the Co-Creators of Journey Awakens and The BROOM Experience.

Massive Life Shift and BROOM Experience

Are you a female professional that feels overwhelmed not knowing what your next step is? Do you feel like you’re standing on the edge of your vision and desires yet fear you’ll fail if you reach for it?

We help pinpoint where you are on your path, gaining clarity, so you feel the confidence to stand in your power, harness your plans, and kick-start them into action.

Through a BROOM Experience we specialize in the healing of a person’s life from their ancestral line, clearing negative energy, blocks, reconnecting them with themselves – effectively renewing them to the status of “new”, ready to rewrite their story.

We help pinpoint where you are on your path, gaining clarity, so you feel the confidence to stand in your power, harness your plans, and kick-start them into action.

Jon Taber

Here is my contact info: Jon Taber – Visionary Leader, Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach

Sacramento, CA USA
Phone: (916) 605-9608
Skype: jonstoys2
Twitter: Jon Taber@jonstoys2

I’m the author of “Child’s Play” plus 4 forthcoming books: “Create a Better Life with This Astonishing 7-Stage Mindset for Individuals, Groups and Organizations,” “22 Keys to Leadership Success,” “Create and Activate Your $Multi Millionaire Mindset,” plus “How to Survive, Thrive and Achieve Your Dreams.” I’m co-host of “The CEO Leadership Corner” on Live Strong America – Radio to Inspire at: and frequent guest on Money 105.5 fm, RUSH HOUR for Success.

Prepare for a monumental shift in your life, work or business with my 6 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Abilities with Jon Taber who gives you an awesome advantage in life by teaching you what it takes to earn a gold medal in an Olympic sport, like his wife Judy Taber did in synchronized swimming.

Jon is great to work with. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on a variety of industries. His background in spirituality & holistic health makes working with him much more grounded and on point with his advice. Jon’s advice takes you, your business and your goals into account. His holistic methods help people achieve their goals quicker and get results faster than most. I highly recommend Jon Taber. ~Lisa Vaz


  • "I'm feeling calm and clear headed" ~Darlene "I'm feeling relaxed yet a shot of energy and focused, wow and I felt it so fast. A welcome feeling after a long day at work" ~Gary "Since taking this formula, I've had…

  • Veronica, I love your “Rising Star” I took it this morning, under my tongue. I left the house and was thinking I’m connecting to God. I said to myself, “universe show me something beautiful.” My whole day I excelled like…

  • I have to tell you what happened today at the periodontist Veronica... I had my X-ray done for my teeth in July. It showed that I had severe bone loss in the lower back tooth and some in the front.…

  • I woke up this morning thinking that I would rather die than to continue feeling the way that my body feels. No energy – my entire body felt like a cramp. I had trouble just walking a short distance this…

  • UPDATE: August 20, 2015 Hi Veronica, God news. I was at the dentist today. Very positive news , surgery is not an issue anymore. The Dentist was very surprised and said : “This I had not expected .” Very good…

Experience A Massive Life Shift By Understanding 7 Beliefs That Gives You Clarity

Stephen Schultz helps you you understand the struggle and release the beliefs that creates fear of failure.

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