13 Steps To Reverse Fibromyalgia

Do You Have Fibromyalgia?


Fibromyalgia is from eating a poor diet, including carbohydrate and sugars, digestion issues causing absorption problems. When we eat foods that are not meant for our body, then it begins to cause wear and tear within. Our intestinal tract gets coated with mucus, oils and old food preventing absorption of the food we do eat. So in a sense we are basically starving ourselves very slowly. Sleep is an issues too, when we do not get enough sleep (which is a catch 22, because anytime you are sick, your adrenals are fatigued and this causes sleep issues as well). Toxic habits like coffee, soft drinks, alcohol and even smoking contribute to our failing health. What is the portion of food you eat. For years I had a huge issue with this. Trust me, portion size mattes! What about the cleansers you use for your home, car, animals, laundry, and work? Toxic use of cleaners, body & teeth soaps all do their damage. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Wouldn’t you say it’s safe to say that we aren’t really aware of how much get’s absorbed through our skin? So we continue to use products slowly poisoning ourselves. I did this for years and honestly I still have a few things in my house that are not safe, like dish washing and dishwasher soap. Just things to think about and to put on your list of change. Make it part of your journey, make is fun, simple and peaceful. We don’t need to get worried over getting it done like tomorrow. But sooner than later, ok?

Here is a program that will help:


1.Eliminate all refined carbohydrates, including the sports bars and fat-free foods. Replace with fresh vegetables, raw nuts, modest amounts of fish, brown rice and millet. A moderate amount of fresh fruit. Eat slowly and chew food well. Eliminate all sensitive and allergic foods.
2. Be in bed by 10pm with no tv before bed
3. Drink water or juiced veggies and fruit onlyfoods-rich-in-magnesium-1418187_640
4. Light exercise o walks
5. Begin doing activities that you enjoy
6. Get some healing for emotional roots to these health issues. I will help with thatessential-oils-1433692_640
7. Periodic massages for trigger points, and chiropractic care
8) A program to regain normal flora/intestinal balance
9) Add Essential Oils to your life
10) Increase magnesium, preferably magnesium rich foods
11) Find a Dr, to help you go natural for the end result to eventually get off all medication
12) Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D
13) These may help as well, Turmeric with Black pepper (1000mg day), Fish oil (1000mg day), Rhodiola and Ashwagandha (500-1000mg day), 5-Hydroxytryptophan/5-HTP (50mg 1-3 x day)

If you have any questions or are ready to go deeper into healing, to find the emotional root, I can help guide you. Every disease has an emotional root and there is no one way to heal and emotional root. So in actuality, you could take care of it yourself. But if you would like help finding it and eliminating it from your life, I am here to help you feel so much better. Here is an example of a truth message for Thyroid issues.

Truth Message to heal your Thyroid issues


How come the world seems to be made for anyone but me? Do they know the secret to success and aren’t telling me?
Your thyroid will eventually suffer if it hasn’t already inhibited signs if you continue feeling deprived and suppressed.
Do you struggle with the feeling that no one really cares what you have to say, that you feel unsupported, like you don’t fit in, and are often overlooked as though you’re just a shadow or an accessory? It can bring about all sorts of humiliation, especially when there seems to be such a lack of respect for you. And because of these emotions, you feel like you don’t get to do what you want to do.
Yahweh wants you to start participating in life, in your life. Life isn’t about others when making a stand to be counted as important, although he wants what is the best and highest good for all. Yes, be brave and courageous. He knows how as a child you were deprived, rejected and feeling like a dejectee who always had to compromise for the bigger picture. It was confusing and you were left to feeling emotionally imbalanced with your own feelings. No one can undermine you now, unless you let them. It’s time to stand in your own power, know who you are so intimately that when someone exhibits the abusive qualities you suffered while growing up, they will not stop or halt you. But you will move over and around them like water does a rock – never faltering, never questioning yourself or feeling confused again.
It’s your turn my darling, to be important, to do what you were destined to do, to speak your mind and to be heard, to love who you are. Yahweh is clearing a path to success and greater love and abundance for you. Will you choose to walk on it? If you free yourself from this pain and these issues, your thyroid will begin to heal. If you’d like support, I am here to help. 

Truth Message for the restoration of your kidneys


Do you struggle with a lot of negative thinking? Negative thinking will eventually affect your kidneys, if it hasn’t already done so. There has to be a willingness on your part to repress, suppress or refuse to express negative inner experiences and qualities. What we talk about, think about brings more of it into our lives. Yahwey wants you to know that he created you to think on things of beauty, truth, lovely things. He wants you to grow into a positive loving individual, no longer afraid of being judged. No longer afraid of being rejected. No longer afraid of ‘you can’t do it right’. No longer afraid of inadequacy, insufficiency, worthlessness, and guilt.

Do you often feel like you’ve blown it, yet again? Feeling like a failure, you’ve experienced loss or another set-back, or a disappointment? It may be that you’ve felt like a screw-up, but I can assure you, that you’re not. You’re just reacting to the disappointment of the situation. And this is due to being accused and degraded in your youth. But it’s time to flip the switch on this belief. Be willing to live in the reality and truth that there is no blame, no judgment. Self-acceptance brings with it gifts of love, freedom, and clarity.

It’s time to let go of the control and perfectionism, the resistance and step into surrender and let the flow of the universe sail you down the river of abundance. There is no longer a need to suffer. Feel the peace and love flow into your heart and life, releasing all kidney damage, brining health and healing with it.

If this resonates with you, this is your truth message. If you make these changes, you will experience health returning to your kidneys. Would you like support to accomplish this?

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