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“Feeling adrift without a compass? Want Lucky breaks? Going helter-skelter? Unclear thinking, poor decisions, not listening to your inner guidance, Failing to trust the real you?



Welcome to a magical gateway leading to self discovery, creativity, growth and achievement in your life, job and business or whatever is most important.

It all starts with a free 30-minute assessment of your present and past experiences then quickly moves to setting the stage for positively influencing the future.

I promise that you will be in good hands. My team and I have turned around failing relationships, life-threatening illnesses, won a gold medal in an Olympic sport and much more.

We have business expertise in more than two dozen industries or fields, working with start-up ventures plus all the way up Fortune 500 companies, state and federal agencies. We use powerful tools and can serve one person or hundreds age 6 to 106 in the USA and many other countries.

Click on the following link to schedule a free 30 minutes strategy session with me by video conference or telephone. During the session we will explore your desires and consider the best course of action to achieve your dreams:

I’m looking forward to meeting and serving you.

Cheers, Jon Taber


Through our education program you can transform your biggest challenges to flow in the brilliance of your success in these coming times. 

Right now, you could be working with us on expanding your full awareness to keep your personal consciousness clear through learning the “frequency principles”

  • Create a Powerful Life
  • Maximize  Your Focus
  • Remove Distractions Holding You Back
  • Keep Your Vibrations Clear

Business Strategy Assistance

Our Business World Is Rapidly Changing As People Ascend Into Enlightenment! To stay on the leading edge of business…

  • Don’t Be Left Behind & Struggling to Attract
  • Satisfied Customers & Profitable Sales
  • Learn to Create & Use Ascension & 5-D
  • Set Priorities Faster, and Make “Win-Win” Decisions.

Jon’s ability to understand people is exceptional. His strong people skills, entrepreneurial spirit, quick- wit, and amazing depth of knowledge in Technology & Processes enable him to build and execute business development pipelines with minimal effort. He is an honorable man/leader to work for/with, and a person who many respect for his outstanding wisdom and extraordinary business experience.

Katie C. Ashcraft

Jon is an experienced student of human development who has created a model for deepening the learning about oneself and others. I see it as a valuable tool to be added to a coach’s toolkit of approaches and methods. The model integrates visual and verbal for an impactful, quality presentation. Jon is a professional with many stories to share and ways for participants to learn interactively in the presentation. He is knowledgeable and warm and deeply committed to the work he does. I was fortunate to have seen his work evolve over the past several years and am certain that others will be as interested in it as I was. It pulled me in immediately.

Roberta Pickett

I have been honored to consult Jon on many occasions and his wisdom and guidance has revealed my life purpose and also confirmed my own decisions were right. He has provided many resources and tools to help me evolve in my coaching career.

Tatyana Gann

Live Readings 

Our LIVE Readings help you make your intuitive process a way of living and aligning with what’s truly real

  • Verify your intuition
  • Set priorities and make win-win choices
  • Helps reduce friction and resistance
  • Trusting your intuition allows positive energy to flow through – changing you in positive ways forever!
  • Releases blocks and what is holding you back


  • Tuesday at 3:00 pm pst
  • Friday at 7:00 pm pst
  • Sat & Sun – spontanious

you can find us here


Stephen & Veronica are absolutely brilliant!!! My reading was so accurate & exactly what I needed to hear… This Lotus flower is ready to bloom and move the fuck on thanks to u guys… I highly recommend these 2… Much love & light  ~

Jennifer Jennison 

They explain things and read the cards so well give me beautiful inspiring messages love them they brighten my day ~

Brandi Hardin


I just wanted you to know, I love the both if you. I’m an intuitive/medium. Since y’all gave me a reading, my energy has been extremely high (with love). ♡♡♡ love and positive vibes to the both if you!

Kaliegh Norris


You know those unanswered questions YOU have about yourself and life?

Through a journey of rediscovery we clear away the fog hindering you from seeing and moving freely down your life path, enjoying the view and experiencing every twist and turn.

  • Clearing of ancestral experiences from present to way back
  • Self-Discovery
  • Trauma & Deep Seated Cellular Memory Clearing
  • Clearing of unhealthy connections

The BROOM sweeps away deep-seated negative memories from many decades of ancestral traumas, blocks, and resistance. Prepare for a monumental shift in your life, work or business as this awakens your self-awareness in many layers and levels.

BROOM’s done remotely or in person.

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

The BROOM Experience is an amazing journey into the core of you. Finding new details about you which helps you confirm questions you wanted to know.

Both Veronica and Stephen give you that 1:1 time so you can understand the information you just received. They are joyful and offer a loving and safe approach.

Thank you for all you do. ~Lisa Jo Davis 

Owner at Healing Light With Lisa Jo

I was in a very dark place fighting for my life and I just felt so trapped for a long time. I have been chasing after my goals and dreams and on my journey I kept having this horrible feeling. I’m very passionate about helping others become a better person, I love fitness training and modeling.

I kept asking for guidance from up above and then I came across Veronica & Stephen Schultz. I got in on the Broom Experience and let me tell you, it helped me so much I can’t even type this without crying. I am so grateful for them. They give you their time and an incredible experience of understanding! Now I don’t feel trapped and I am making progress in life!

Love you both dearly,
Sheri Wyatt

Inspiring Az Model


Stephen’s Energy Work reveals what you need to hear in such a personal and fun loving way that you can’t help but feel it in a very profound way.

  • Reduces friction to speed creation process
  • Helps you streamline the way you process information
  • Helps open your hearts so you can make healthy decisions
  • Helps you see the process of your journey
  • Helps raise your vibrations, frequencies, and energy


Have you noticed if your life is full of snags or  does it unfold easily into your desires for the day?

The body’s frequency of energy you hold moment by moment is your personal vibration – the very thing that attracts what is now coming to you.

Your emotions and mind are a vital tools to creating and living your ideal life. For your life to blossom and unfold effortlessly and in alignment with your destiny, you must clear away the negative energies holding you back or you will  experience a slower, more distorted life of snags and disappointments.

A RELEASE SESSION helps you to…

  • Reveal what heavy weight you’ve been shouldering
  • Release negative energies
  • Re-calibrate your vibrational frequency
  • Refocus your direction


Allow me to activate within you what will help you with your journey, whether it’s a gift, release or a level up.

Thanks a bunch guys! It’s an honor to be guided through both wonderful souls. You brought much awakening inspiration to me and you also touch many on FB. Keep up the great work of love that you both do. Light and love! ~Sophi




The Reality Transformer System™ which I use to help people recreate their life and achieve their dreams. By following the powerful 7-step process and using the correct mindsets you can produce winning performance in almost everything you do. ~Jon Taber


 The BROOM™ Academy

1st program begins with the BROOM™ Experience to fully clear out your mind, body, emotions and soul for each lifetime. This prepares you for new information to start you on your journey for success. Through a BROOM Experience you will be connect to self-love, explore your purpose in this lifetime, find out about your past or parallel lifetimes, cut etheric cords or attachments and remove implants causing blocks and confusion, remove negative energies causing illness, anxiety, chaos, addictions & relationship issues, delete painful thoughts, memories or behaviors that are replaying over and over again in your lifetimes.

BROOM Academy Business Programs helps you excel

Do You Have the 21 Characteristics of Top Flight Leaders?

Are You Ready for a Lifelong Journey to Greatness?

Top Flight Leaders are high achievers who serve by demanding excellence, authenticity and peak performance from themselves, their followers and everyone else involved in the production and delivery of top quality, high value products and services desired by their satisfied and ever expanding customer base.

These highly admired leaders are found in every type of enterprise from non-profit, to for-profit, to political, governmental, social and military. Regardless of the type of organization they lead, or its purpose, there are 21 characteristics, personal qualities and techniques that top flight leaders develop and use that makes them different and more powerful than all others.

One of the 21 most important characteristics is an ability to ignite and empower greatness in followers and their organization. This vital skill can be learned from a suitable role model serving as a mentor and but it takes practical experience for a leader to hone their message and method of delivery. Most of all it requires them to demonstrate this quality day in and day out, in all kinds of situations for maximum impact and benefit.

As a participant in this program you will be introduced to the power of greatness and other 20 characteristics and receive guidance about learning to implement them in the shortest possible time.

 After your BROOM™ Experience  CREATE the future you desire with 6 Steps to Claiming Your Power and Abilities in the 5th Dimension:

 Jon is helping Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Managers achieve top performance. He helps you WIN with Superior Desires, Mindsets, Moods, Actions and Momentum so you EXCEL at Creating Wellbeing plus the skills, confidence, relationships, money, work or successful Business you want today.


Shown here is the draft cover designed by Veronica Schultz for a book I’m launching next month. It is one of the items that will be given to members of our Insight Mastery Teams and all of my transformation coaching and training clients.

Judy McFadden’s photo is from the 1963 US Olympic Team Book after she won the gold medal featured on the top left. The book deals with a personal training system Judy used to achieve world-class performance in the Olympic sport synchronized swimming and how others can use a similar system to achieve extraordinary life and business success.

Judy and I were married two years after the picture was taken and together we developed The Reality Transformer System™ which I use to help people recreate their life and achieve their dreams. By following the powerful 7-step process and using the correct mindsets you can produce winning performance in almost everything you do.

I’m looking forward to sharing this valuable information with you, people you love and the organizations who serve you.



Working with Jon as a Mentor has been such a pleasure and learning experience. We had an instant connection. Over the months with Jon’s teachings and information, which I study and enjoy, I have really grown in many ways. As people we are taught ways and see ways of behaving in certain situations, actually all situations. By applying these teachings and changing my outlook on life I have grown and are more aware. I believe I care less at all for those things and I am expanding in my mind, enjoying life. I am more aware that life is as I say “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. I am one with myself and not disconnected. Jon has been so wonderful and knowledable about what life’s all about and has helped me to go and explore the wonderment of life, not the grind we see. In this life no chaos is needed. Love, peace and joy is what is about. I look forward to conversations with Jon and take away always a bit of enlightenment each time. I know i can have anything in life i desire I just go with it. What a wonderful gift I was given by meeting Jon and his work. Thank you

Heidi Velazquez

It is a pleasure knowing Jon both as a friend and colleague. Jon is a clear and concise individual with an incredible amount of experience while dealing with any situation. He is completely results driven and I am happy to have him as a mentor and friend.
James Galgano

Our work offers some of the most powerful transformational modalities you will ever expereince that quickly shifts your life’s energy, clear and rebuild your life

Through a BROOM™ Experience, you discover what is holding you back and it also breaks the spell of fear. BROOM Experience lets you discover who you are and your purpose for this lifetime.

Read more about our musings on healing, health, real life experiences, and real stories…

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