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Healing Conversations

 Book the BROOM™ Experience to fully clear out your mind, body, emotions and soul for each lifetime. You will:

Connect to self-love, Explore your purpose in this lifetime, Find out about your past or parallel lifetimes

Cut etheric cords or attachments and remove implants causing blocks and confusion

Remove negative energies causing illness, anxiety, chaos, addictions & relationship issues

Delete painful thoughts, memories or behaviors that are replaying over and over again in your lifetimes.

You are invited on a BROOM Experience!

For healing… to get closure, seek clarity from your higher-self, Spirit, your Guides and Angels, and connecting you with loved ones. It’s a magnificent experience that releases negative energy allowing the release and healing of painful experiences not just for you but the other who was involved, even if they’ve passed over.

For life changes… Intuitive readings: Big life changes can unnerve us, making us feel like we’ve lost direction and unable to see a clear path. Come with your questions and leave with peace of mind, being able to take action from an empowered place, get clear direction for your life-business-career…

For Business Guidance… You’ve jumped into business with both feet, empowered, inspired by your dreams of helping others. Now you’re feeling stuck, isolated, and the passion that once fired you up feels like a limp banana. What happened? It’s possible that you were given direction, and just as fast as it came you dismissed it because of a feeling. Whatever it is, we can help. Bring your questions and leave with peace of mind.

For Money Ceilings and Blocks… Clients stream in, your bank account increases and then wham, it stops. Your bank account dwindles, panic sets in and you wonder what happened! This type of thing is cyclic and tends to happen when we have money blocks or money ceilings. What this actually means, is that you feel comfortable with a certain amount of money and when it starts to go past that, something clicks and you sabotage it with thoughts that bring lack and want. We can help by tapping into that part of you, your higher-self, that knows the whats and whys of it all – and we get the block removed.

I want to invite you to book a complimentary chat with us to evaluate where you are and how we can help you.

We are available in person, online for one-on-one sessions, and group sessions.

Your BROOM Experience may also:

Calm anxiety
Release pent-up energy and momentum
Uncover latent strengths
Remove unknown resistance and blocks
Make sense of things you know but don’t understand
Remove fear
Resolve relationship issues
Heal illness
Heal injuries
Remove trauma
Complete the grief process
Heal past lives
our lifetimes.

Are You Ready For A BROOM Experience?

 After your BROOM™ Experience  CREATE the future you desire with 6 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Abilities:


Jon is helping Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Managers achieve top performance. He helps you WIN with Superior Desires, Mindsets, Moods, Actions and Momentum so you EXCEL at Creating Wellbeing plus the skills, confidence, relationships, money, work or successful Business you want today.


Shown here is the draft cover designed by Veronica Schultz for a book I’m launching next month. It is one of the items that will be given to members of our Insight Mastery Teams and all of my transformation coaching and training clients.

Judy McFadden’s photo is from the 1963 US Olympic Team Book after she won the gold medal featured on the top left. The book deals with a personal training system Judy used to achieve world-class performance in the Olympic sport synchronized swimming and how others can use a similar system to achieve extraordinary life and business success.

Judy and I were married two years after the picture was taken and together we developed The Reality Transformer System™ which I use to help people recreate their life and achieve their dreams. By following the powerful 7-step process and using the correct mindsets you can produce winning performance in almost everything you do.

I’m looking forward to sharing this valuable information with you, people you love and the organizations who serve you.



Our work offers some of the most powerful transformational modalities you will ever expereince that quickly shifts your life’s energy, clear and rebuild your life

Through a BROOM™ Experience, you discover what is holding you back and it also breaks the spell of fear. BROOM Experience lets you discover who you are and your purpose for this lifetime.

Read more about our musings on healing, health, real life experiences, and real stories…

BIG change announcement. We’ve changed Soul Journey Experience to BROOM Experience

Heidi’s BROOM Experience

9 Day Self-Love Challenge. Let us guide you through 9 days of pampering and self-love assignments to bring you back to love.

This program was put together for you, so that you could get healthier.It has all sorts of healing methods like the how to’s of skin brushing, all sort of recipes for different meal ideas.

This essential oil guide is our favorite. We are happy to delight you with essential oil info’s on applications on us, in cooking and what to use the different oils for.


  • "I'm feeling calm and clear headed" ~Darlene "I'm feeling relaxed yet a shot of energy and focused, wow and I felt it so fast. A welcome feeling after a long day at work" ~Gary "Since taking this formula, I've had…

  • Veronica, I love your “Rising Star” I took it this morning, under my tongue. I left the house and was thinking I’m connecting to God. I said to myself, “universe show me something beautiful.” My whole day I excelled like…

  • I have to tell you what happened today at the periodontist Veronica... I had my X-ray done for my teeth in July. It showed that I had severe bone loss in the lower back tooth and some in the front.…

  • I woke up this morning thinking that I would rather die than to continue feeling the way that my body feels. No energy – my entire body felt like a cramp. I had trouble just walking a short distance this…

  • UPDATE: August 20, 2015 Hi Veronica, God news. I was at the dentist today. Very positive news , surgery is not an issue anymore. The Dentist was very surprised and said : “This I had not expected .” Very good…

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